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ETN certification from Mounting Systems sets new standards

Interview: ETN certification sets new standards


ETN certificate for the French market

We recently received the ETN certificate for the French market, a milestone in bringing our products to the French market. In this interview, we will go into more detail about what this certification means for the company, what impact it will have on the solar market in France and what future developments we can expect.

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Sonia Pavloff (Head of Sales Europe) to present:

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Sonia: I'm Sonia and I've been working for MSY as International Sales Manager since 2021, developing the brand in international markets, especially in France.

Could you briefly explain to us what exactly this certificate means and what significance it has for your company?

Sonia: The ETN (New Technical Study) is a technical study on the compatibility between certain solar modules and mounting systems. The technical assessment is carried out by inspection offices and the Scientific and Technical Center for Construction, which checks critical points such as watertightness, mechanical resistance, fire risk, etc.. This is usually required by insurance companies before the completion of a photovoltaic roof project in France. If you want to be present in France, you must have it.

What specific requirements and standards did Mounting Systems have to meet in order to obtain the ETN certificate? Were there any challenges during the certification process?

Sonia: We had to comply with a very detailed list of standards, edit a report, carry out internal tests, but also external tests in a special laboratory. It was hard work involving various departments and colleagues.

How will the ETN certificate affect market access and your business opportunities in France? Are there any specific expectations or goals that Mounting Systems would like to achieve with this certificate?

Sonia: It is important to obtain the ETN if you want to sell your product in France. So if we get all our systems certified, we can become a major player in the solar sector in France. French legislation is very strict and new laws have been passed, for example for carports, which will give us a good opportunity to sell our industrial carports for large parking lots.

What advantages does Mounting Systems offer compared to other providers on the market?

Sonia: We offer a complete Product portfolio for on-roof, in-roof, various types of flat roofs and also ground mounting and carports. Our customers have access to a very complete range of products and can work in both the private and commercial sectors.

Can you tell us something about your experience with the French solar market? How do you assess the potential and development opportunities for renewable energies in France?

Sonia: We are ready to sell on the French market, which is a huge market with great potential in the residential and commercial/project sectors. The use of solar energy, e.g. for carports, is encouraged by French legislation.

To what extent does Mounting Systems support the energy transition and the expansion of renewable energies in France and worldwide? What role do our products play in this?

Sonia: In our markets, we have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the energy transition, including renewable energies and a green future. For us, sustainability not only means durable and long-lasting products, but also environmental awareness and responsibility for the future.

What further steps or plans does Mounting Systems have for the future to strengthen its presence on the French market and further expand its range of solar substructures?

Sonia: We need to set up a technical and sales team for France in order to offer a comprehensive service in French and to adapt our products and services to the market.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to tell our readers, particularly with regard to the importance of certifications and quality standards in the renewable energy sector?


Sonia: Mounting Systems' philosophy is that we are more than just a brand. We offer not only products, but also services such as technical support, sales service and marketing. Compliance with all types of certifications is very important to us and therefore we are committed to complying with the standards of the renewable energy sector.

Thank you very much for the interview.


Sonia: It was a pleasure.

ETN Certification

Trust in quality: our products proudly carry the ETN certificate

The Trapeze ProLine, which is equipped with the 5/40 rail for upright mounting, is an excellent solution that is characterized by the ETN certificate for the French market. This certification confirms the outstanding quality and performance of this specific configuration compared to other mounting options. With the ETN certificate as a guarantee of quality, customers can be sure that the Trapeze ProLine with the 5/40 rail meets the stringent requirements of the French solar market and offers a reliable and efficient solution for their solar installations.

Trapeze ProLine

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