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Your Project Design in Less Than 5 Minutes

With the design tool you or your customers have the possibility to design a desired substructure for a building. Users can register via the link to the design tool.

The design tool can be used to define roofs with various properties, such as roof pitch, roof covering or even interfering surfaces. The module fields can be freely arranged on the roof with the desired mounting system.

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Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Available in 12 languages
  • Completely free for customers and installers
  • Access to an extensive module database
  • Planning of your project within 5 minutes
  • Simple drawing of the building or roof area
    via Google Maps
  • Wind and snow loads according to Eurocode
  • Building height and roof pitch are determined automatically
  • Our service technicians can access all projects to provide you with the best possible support
  • Consideration of country-specific requirements

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