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Gebeng, Malaysia, 39 MWp

Planned expected settlement phenomena in the structure and required low embedment depths were the outstanding features of this project in Malaysia. On behalf of BayWa r.e., we supplied this landfill project with Sigma II frames. For this purpose, the frames were equipped with a flexible adjustment to compensate for medium-term subsidence phenomena.

Project name:Gebeng
Project CountryMalaysia
Capacity39 MWp 
Installation systemSigma II

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Volodarovka, Russia, 15 MWp

Together with our Austrian partner LSG Solar Solutions, we have built a total of nine solar power plants with a total capacity of 135 MWp in the Russian Federation. The harsh environmental conditions in particular were a key design criterion here. In addition, we were able to demonstrate our global capabilities through 100%'s contribution of local value creation.

Project name:Acadyr II 
Project CountryKazakhstan
Capacity26 MWp 
Installation systemSigma II Bifacial

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Ground Mount Systems for an 18 MWp PV Plant in Germany

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Ground Mount Systems for an 18 MWp PV Plant in Germany


Mounting Systems has delivered two-post ground mount systems for a photovoltaic plant, located in eastern Germany, approximately 60 km from the capital, Berlin.

A total of around 541 tons of assembly material was delivered by trucks directly to the construction site. Deliveries were made in stages to ensure a smooth and organized construction process at the site.

The foundation method chosen for the project was driven piles, which were driven to a embedment depth of 1.50m. The Sigma II system was adapted for a module inclination of 17°, and 40.320 PV modules were installed using module clamps. The PV system has an electrical DC capacity of 18 MWp.

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