ETN certification from Mounting Systems sets new standards

Interview: ETN certification sets new standards


ETN certificate for the French market

We recently received the ETN certificate for the French market, a milestone in bringing our products to the French market. In this interview, we will go into more detail about what this certification means for the company, what impact it will have on the solar market in France and what future developments we can expect.

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Sonia Pavloff (Head of Sales Europe) to present:

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Sonia: I'm Sonia and I've been working for MSY as International Sales Manager since 2021, developing the brand in international markets, especially in France.

Could you briefly explain to us what exactly this certificate means and what significance it has for your company?

Sonia: The ETN (New Technical Study) is a technical study on the compatibility between certain solar modules and mounting systems. The technical assessment is carried out by inspection offices and the Scientific and Technical Center for Construction, which checks critical points such as watertightness, mechanical resistance, fire risk, etc.. This is usually required by insurance companies before the completion of a photovoltaic roof project in France. If you want to be present in France, you must have it.

What specific requirements and standards did Mounting Systems have to meet in order to obtain the ETN certificate? Were there any challenges during the certification process?

Sonia: We had to comply with a very detailed list of standards, edit a report, carry out internal tests, but also external tests in a special laboratory. It was hard work involving various departments and colleagues.

How will the ETN certificate affect market access and your business opportunities in France? Are there any specific expectations or goals that Mounting Systems would like to achieve with this certificate?

Sonia: It is important to obtain the ETN if you want to sell your product in France. So if we get all our systems certified, we can become a major player in the solar sector in France. French legislation is very strict and new laws have been passed, for example for carports, which will give us a good opportunity to sell our industrial carports for large parking lots.

What advantages does Mounting Systems offer compared to other providers on the market?

Sonia: We offer a complete Product portfolio for on-roof, in-roof, various types of flat roofs and also ground mounting and carports. Our customers have access to a very complete range of products and can work in both the private and commercial sectors.

Can you tell us something about your experience with the French solar market? How do you assess the potential and development opportunities for renewable energies in France?

Sonia: We are ready to sell on the French market, which is a huge market with great potential in the residential and commercial/project sectors. The use of solar energy, e.g. for carports, is encouraged by French legislation.

To what extent does Mounting Systems support the energy transition and the expansion of renewable energies in France and worldwide? What role do our products play in this?

Sonia: In our markets, we have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the energy transition, including renewable energies and a green future. For us, sustainability not only means durable and long-lasting products, but also environmental awareness and responsibility for the future.

What further steps or plans does Mounting Systems have for the future to strengthen its presence on the French market and further expand its range of solar substructures?

Sonia: We need to set up a technical and sales team for France in order to offer a comprehensive service in French and to adapt our products and services to the market.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to tell our readers, particularly with regard to the importance of certifications and quality standards in the renewable energy sector?


Sonia: Mounting Systems' philosophy is that we are more than just a brand. We offer not only products, but also services such as technical support, sales service and marketing. Compliance with all types of certifications is very important to us and therefore we are committed to complying with the standards of the renewable energy sector.

Thank you very much for the interview.


Sonia: It was a pleasure.

ETN Certification

Trust in quality: our products proudly carry the ETN certificate

The Trapeze ProLine, which is equipped with the 5/40 rail for upright mounting, is an excellent solution that is characterized by the ETN certificate for the French market. This certification confirms the outstanding quality and performance of this specific configuration compared to other mounting options. With the ETN certificate as a guarantee of quality, customers can be sure that the Trapeze ProLine with the 5/40 rail meets the stringent requirements of the French solar market and offers a reliable and efficient solution for their solar installations.

Trapeze ProLine

Ter Apel, Netherlands - Sigma II w. ground screw

Ter Apel , Netherlands
26 MWp

News Company

Project of the month - Ter Apel, Netherlands


MSY Group delivered the next interesting project to our partner Belectric in the Netherlands. Challenging ground and complicated environmental conditions made our Sigma II including Krinner ground screws for the best possible solution for this project. With an installed capacity of 26 MWp, it is a further contribution to the energy transition in Europe... and there's more to come!

Many thanks to our partner, Belectric GmbH, Kolitzheim and their exceptional team! It was great to work with you!

Project name:Ter Apel
Project countryNetherlands
PV capacity26 MWp 
Project start2023
Frame systemSigma II - 3V/3P

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A new era begins

Our new building is ready for the future

More room for innovation and efficiency

Our drive drives our customers' successes.

The opening of a new plant often marks a turning point in the development of a company. It is a bold step into the future that is eagerly awaited. For us at Mounting Systems, this moment was not only exciting but also extremely important, as we want to guarantee our customers a better delivery time as well as better availability. In this blog article, we would like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the benefits we have achieved through our recent expansion.

More space, more possibilities. Our modern production and warehouse building was officially inaugurated recently. Close to our headquarters, we now have an additional production facility with an impressive total area of 25,677 square meters. Of this, Unit 2 (storage area) accounts for a proud 10,175 square meters and Unit 3 (production area) for a generous 5,116 square meters. In addition, approximately 2,175.88 square meters of office and ancillary space were created to ensure efficient coordination of all logistical aspects.

A mezzanine area of approximately 1,278.90 square meters was also used as a storage area and helps maximize our storage capacity. These premises offer us double the capacity for the material produced and a large storage area where the goods can be well stored.

Mounting Systems on course for expansion

We are looking forward to being able to supply our customers and business partners even faster and more efficiently. The expansion not only opens up spatial possibilities for us, but also a wealth of new perspectives. Thanks to the improved infrastructure, we now have better access to the highway, resulting in a more efficient supply chain. Our order logistics are excited about the possibilities offered by our new Plant 2 and are ready to process all orders with maximum precision and efficiency as usual.

"The location of our logistics area in this new building allows us to plan and coordinate all deliveries for our customers and partners even more efficiently. We have installed special ramps that enable safe loading of the trucks. This has not only optimized our logistics processes, but also significantly shortened the entire delivery process," explains Antje Mosch, Team Leader Order Logistics.

This expansion has the additional positive effect of creating further jobs on the labor market. The increase in production capacity and thus faster order processing for customers was our drive for this investment.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for their support and trust and look forward to new, exciting projects in the future. You are cordially invited to visit us at the new location. Stay up to date and don't miss any of our updates.

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Topping-out ceremony 24.01.

Topping-out ceremony at Germany's largest Panattoni Park

With the topping-out ceremony, the last construction phase of the largest Panattoni Park built so far in Germany has now been completed. In total, the property comprises five halls with a total floor space of 130,000m2 on a site area of 28ha, divided into 13 units with a respective hall height of 12m UKB. The new space will be occupied by the German manufacturer of photovoltaic mounting systems Mounting Systems GmbH and DHL Supply Chain, the division of Deutsche Post DHL Group specializing in contract logistics. Panattoni Park Berlin South is thus fully leased.

Panattoni press release

Werk 4 - The time has come

Our new production and storage facility is about to open!

The countdown is on and we can't wait to finally be able to process more orders. The entire team is excited and we invite you all to join us on this exciting adventure. Follow us for all the latest information!

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Plant 4 - completion Q1 2023

More space - more possibilities

Due to the steadily increasing demand for our substructures, we will adapt our production and logistics processes as quickly as possible and thus more than double our capacities.

With a total area of 25,677m², another production facility will be built close to our main office. Another 1,905m² will soon be available to us as additional office space.

We are looking forward to generating more jobs through the expansion of our existing location in Rangsdorf and to soon be able to deliver more goods to our customers and partners in a shorter time.

Webcam 27.03.2023
Locations in Brandenburg
Locations in Brandenburg

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Planning Tools

30 years anniversary

Jubilee 2023

Three successful decades of trend-setting innovation and development - a constant in the solar industry

This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary and would like to thank our customers and business partners for their many years of loyalty. Mounting Systems is a company that specializes in the development of durable and innovative solar mounting systems and thus not only makes a decisive contribution to a clean environment, but also ensures a good working and customer climate.

Summer party

Summer Sun Mounting Systems

On Friday, 23.06.2023, the time had finally come: Our 3-in-1 party could begin. With over 300 guests we celebrated our summer party, the 30th anniversary and the opening of the new factory. The motto was "Summer-Sun-Mounting Systems". But the weather in Rangsdorf did not want to stick to it and gave us a present in the form of heavy rain showers and a cool breeze. Thanks to the good preparation and the new premises at Maulbeerstraße 13, all colleagues, families and guests stayed dry, as the celebration was simply moved indoors. Our new facility was thus duly inaugurated. Who needs warm temperatures and sunshine?

more than a party.
it's a jubilee.

Everyone was surprised with a large selection of food trucks, a huge show truck that prepared delicious cocktails and much more, and a photo box where you could capture the beautiful moments. On the stage many exciting program points took place. Various dance groups from Dabendorf and Rangsdorf showed their skills. Live singing and a DJ provided the musical entertainment and encouraged dancing. Also for our small guests was provided. Two large bouncy castles were set up for them to play and romp around. There was a table with face painting and glitter tattoos. There they could have different motifs painted on their faces. Many parents took home little cats, lions or flower fairies. The balloon artist conjured up pirate swords and various animals for the children. All in all, our 30th anniversary was a great success and we would like to thank all our colleagues and service providers for their great efforts. A special thank you goes to everyone who joined in the celebration and made sure that this day will be remembered for a long time to come.


Summer party at the new location

The special highlight of the summer festival was the location.

We are looking forward to generating more jobs through the expansion of our existing location in Rangsdorf and to soon be able to deliver more goods to our customers and partners in a shorter time.


Mounting Systems Rangsdorf

Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy: We Are the Foundation

We are privileged to make a positive contribution to the energy transition towards renewable energies and a green future. For us, sustainability means not only durable and long-lasting products, but also environmental awareness and responsibility for the world of tomorrow.

Everything we do is geared towards the goal of minimizing our ecological footprint and offering only state-of-the-art photovoltaic solutions. This is achieved through optimized production processes and efficient quality and supply chain management. As an ISO-certified company, it is particularly important for us to comply with environmental requirements and regulations.

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the performance consistency of our products for steel and aluminium supporting structures is regularly assessed and confirmed according to EN1090 up to design class 2+.  

Measures to reduce the carbon footprint:

Circular economyThe products of Mounting Systems are either made of steel or pure aluminum, which is not mixed with additional materials, such as for example plastic. This ensures full recyclability without degradation of the material.
RecyclingAluminum that does not end up in the final commission is melted down to be reused.
Clever packaging technologyAll packaging is returned to the recycling loop.
In-house supplyOur machinery and equipment are partially powered by solar energy generated in-house.

An industrial dishwasher is used to remove aluminum chips from the materials, and the resulting excess energy from the machine is used to heat the water in the building.

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Solar power – the cheapest form of energy

Mounting Systems Rangsdorf

Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy: We Are the Foundation

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Solar power – the cheapest form of energy


The future of photovoltaics looks bright. Many countries report new records in installed photovoltaic capacity every year. And there is certainly a logical explanation for this. The International Energy Agency's (IEA) published last month. World Energy Outlook 2020 Report notes that solar energy has become the "new king of electricity" by offering the cheapest electricity yet in human history. According to the publication, the cost per megawatt of solar is now below that of fossil fuels for the first time. In numbers, newly built utility-scale solar projects in Europe and the U.S. now cost $30-60 per MWh. Just four years ago, the figure for the above electricity generation cost (LCOE) of solar was $100, which is an excellent illustration of progress. In comparison, the report mentions that the LCOE for gas is up to 90 USD/MWh and for coal up to 120 USD/MWh.

The report presents four primary scenarios for the development of global energy production. Renewable energy sources will experience strong growth through 2040 in all four scenarios; the primary scenario includes 43 % more solar energy output, as originally projected in the 2018 report. The scenarios are projected using data analyzed by the World Energy Model (WEM). This large-scale simulation model is designed to match the functions of global energy markets and by using huge amounts of data to generate estimates for world energy markets. The "Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2020-2024" also agrees with the IEA's view, pointing out that utility-scale solar often offers the lowest-cost technology for power generation, with costs continuing to decline in the future.

Sun as a source of solar energy

What makes solar energy a cost-effective energy source?

The World Energy Outlook 2020 report additionally notes that significant cost reductions in solar PV over the past decade have made solar energy a consistently less expensive form of energy than coal or gas, for example, in most countries. There are several reasons for this. One reason is cheaper and easier access to capital in leading markets, made possible by supportive policies and mature technologies. In addition, major advances in solar technologies play an important role. For example, PV module performance has improved significantly-smaller modules can offer higher energy yields, longer lifetimes, better recycling capabilities, and lower manufacturing costs. To give an example, in 2010 a standard PV module cost about $2.00/watt, while today it is about $0.17/watt. In addition, battery, storage and grid connection technologies are improving and becoming more cost effective in a timely manner, which is extremely important for the flexible operation of PV systems. Solar plant sizes have also grown since the early 2000s, leading to improved economies of scale and thus cost reductions.

In terms of supporting policies, it is clear that the common climate goals of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) increasingly steer the path of policy toward solar and wind, while coal, oil, gas, and other more polluting forms of energy are being phased out and not as heavily subsidized. Currently, more than 130 countries already have policies in place to help lower the cost of new solar installations. The EU alone has set a goal of generating 32% of its total energy from renewable sources by 2030. However, the road to achieving net zero global CO2 emissions is long, and it won't happen overnight. It will require persistent effort and collaboration among governments, political actors, businesses and individuals.

Mounting Systems - More than a system. It's a brand.

Mounting Systems at Global Solar & Storage DigiCon

Mounting Systems Rangsdorf

Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy: We Are the Foundation

There is no question about it: the recent developments of the global COVID 19 outbreak have shaped our world and society in a way we have not seen in a long time. In some areas of the business world, the consequences have been more severe, while in others, the impact has been minimal. Either way, one thing is certain: businesses are being forced to adapt to the new and rapidly changing situation - a risk or an opportunity?

In response to canceled and postponed trade shows have Joint Forces for Solar (JF4S) and the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) used the difficult situation to their advantage and are about to launch the world's first e-marketplace "Solar & Storage DigiCon" on July 15, 2020.

Unique virtual marketplace

The Solar & Storage DigiCon is the world's first e-marketplace that takes place in a virtual environment. The platform brings companies and their stakeholders together: around the globe, over several months and around the clock. On the virtual platform, where many opportunities are offered as on regular congresses, companies can present their products, services and latest technologies as well as get in touch with their customers in personal chats or video calls. Some of the participating target groups of the virtual event are installers, developers, EPC companies, investors and policy makers.

To make the e-marketplace more attractive and interesting, Live Days will be held focusing on key regions. The first focus region will be Europe. The first Live Days "The Renaissance of Europe" will take place on July 28 from 09:00 to 16:00 (CET) (part 1) and on another date (part 2) in September. The exact date for the second part will be communicated shortly. Some of the topics to be discussed are for example innovative technologies, digitalization and financing mechanisms of the solar industry.

Virtual exhibition environment

The virtual exhibition takes place in an exciting virtual environment, and the principle is similar to regular trade shows. After logging in, visitors are directed to the entrance area, where they can start their journey and navigate between different exhibition halls, virtual auditoriums, webinars, exhibition booths and networking areas. At the virtual booth, visitors can get to know the companies and interact with their employees through written chats and video calls, as well as access brochures, datasheets and other interesting marketing materials.

Launch and Live Days with regional focus

The electronic marketplace will be launched on July 15. After that, visitors can register to visit the platform free of charge. Access is possible around the clock from anywhere in the world. The first Live Days focusing on Europe will take place on July 28 and on a second day in September, and during this time you will be able to meet our staff in person at the virtual booth between 09:00 and 16:00 (CET) and talk to them about our products and our company. The Live Days event series will continue, focusing on North America in September, Latin America in October, the Middle East in November and Asia Pacific in December. The exact dates for the remaining Live Days will be published as the event progresses.

Mounting Systems is participating in this exciting and new concept of a virtual exhibition as a "Gigawatt Partner". It is a great opportunity to interact with industry stakeholders, even in these difficult times.

Visit us at our digital booth! We look forward to seeing you there!

Click on the photo below and sign up for the platform for free.

Global Solar & Storage DigiCon

Mounting Systems - More than a system. It's a brand.

Lean Management at Mounting Systems

Mounting Systems Rangsdorf

Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy: We Are the Foundation

News Company

Lean Management at Mounting Systems


"Give and accept feedback: See it as an opportunity, take it up and use it" is listed by our partner, the Nordwest Industrie Group, in fourth place among its ten values. But what is the best way to give this feedback? And how do you motivate your employees to independently identify process slowdowns and pass them on to management?

The answer to this is provided by the Lean & Kaizen process, which is particularly emphasized at the NWI and is being used more and more in many areas. A process that aims to manifest an efficient design of the entire value chain with the help of certain methods, thought patterns and systems.

Starting a few years ago at Mounting Systems, we have been implementing more and more processes according to the Lean & Kaizen method in recent years. Exactly these steps, which bring us further and further in the direction of Lean Management, we want to highlight in the following text.

The introduction of lean structures

The correct, meaningful implementation of Lean and Kaizen topics, is a development that Mounting Systems had to advance step by step. Especially at the beginning of the structural change, a rethinking was required, which was not always met with positive criticism. The change and the introduction of new structures is always connected with an overthrow of the old ones.

Nevertheless, the measures that promote a working atmosphere are obvious: the responsibility of the individual is emphasized within lean structures, communication and teamwork are given priority, and each individual slowly develops an awareness of independently reporting disruptions that slow down processes. Employees should eventually get used to the new work organization and realize that their suggestions are taken seriously. Networking between management and employees takes place at eye level.

Because this lean promotion runs through the entire company in the best possible case, it is also important not to leave out production, but to include it in particular. The spatial separation that keeps production and office apart creates longer communication paths that should be resolved.

That's exactly why we at Mounting Systems recently installed a Shopfloor Point where production staff can meet daily for meetings and visualize their processes. Directly at the scene of the action. Directly in production. To ensure this, we made the Point soundproof. While there is a high volume outside in production, we were able to create a tolerable volume inside the Point. This creates a pleasant atmosphere for the daily meetings and promotes a shared exchange of ideas. As a contact point for employees and management, the implementation of lean in our production is made much easier in this way.

We also encouraged the creation of lean teams for the logistics and office areas and trained them accordingly. Two of our employees also received several days of training on the topic of Lean & Kaizen and are now using their newly acquired knowledge to support us in the implementation. In weekly meetings, the teams discuss their upcoming steps and develop concepts together. Another concrete measure that has taken place at Mounting Systems is the exchange of the roles of the so-called "dogs". Through observation and consultation, it was determined that the previous roles were worn out and had a high resistance. As a result, the dogs sometimes had to be moved with two or three employees. The introduction of new rollers, which have a load capacity of 900kg per piece, are long lasting and ergonomically better adapted, now allows the movement of the dogs by only one employee. Little things that facilitate the entire workflow.

In addition, our compass room was revived a few months ago, promoting consultation between the individual teams. Upcoming goals, planned actions and a visualization of which processes went well and which did not can thus be bundled centrally in one place. If there is interest, one of our employees can also ask about the processes of the other teams and get an overview of the direction Mounting Systems will take in the future. In addition, because each employee enters their tasks independently or in consultation with their team, our compass room helps to encourage individuals to work independently. Shared responsibility and shared leadership emerge.

Within our production and logistics, we have been able to agree on standardized key figures in recent months, which will in future also be displayed on flat screens in the goods issue area and at the store floor point. This means that every employee can see, for example, how many kilograms have been produced per hour. In addition to this structuring, an audit of the individual workstation has also taken place in our office area. With questions such as: "Is there enough storage space at the workstation?" and "Is it possible for the employee to work at his workstation in the best possible way?" we looked around our office and acted accordingly to promote a positive answer to both questions.


Changes in production and consultation between management and employees are creating an improved dynamic at Mounting Systems, which will be further developed in the coming years, contributing to an idealized operational process. The positive attributes of Lean & Kaizen are already being felt and are improving the work of our employees on a daily basis. Mounting Systems has not regretted these innovations introduced in the name of Lean Management and, with regard to this, would like to continue to improve and not accept any standstill in the future.

20 percent more power with 10 less weight. We showed the latest expansion stage of our solar tracker in Munich. See the product presentation and the most important fact sheets here. 20 percent more power at 10 less weight. We have shown the latest expansion stage of our solar tracker in Munich. See the product presentation and the most important fact sheets here. 20 percent more power at 10 less weight. We have shown the latest expansion stage of our solar tracker in Munich. See the product presentation and the most important fact sheets here.

Mounting Systems - More than a system. It's a brand.

What role do emotional factors play in B2B business?

Mounting Systems Rangsdorf

Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy: We Are the Foundation

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What role do emotional factors play in B2B business?


The B2B business world often gives a rational impression. Buyers and sellers seem to make decisions primarily on the basis of numbers, leaving emotional criteria behind. But is this buying behavior really true? Or do emotional criteria also creep into a B2B purchase decision?

The online study "State of B2B 2019: Winning with Emotion" by B2B International and gyro provides answers to these questions. With the help of 2,000 corporate decision-makers in Europe, China and the USA, it collected data on the (emotional) decision-making of buyers in the business-to-business sector and its background. Starting with the first exclusion criteria of potential suppliers, she accompanies buyers in their choice of a new trading partner and describes the factors that become important in different phases of this process. What relevant role the emotional components play in a B2B buying process and how companies can promote the emotional bond of their customers, we want to show you here in our Mounting Systems News.

What do the emotional criteria look like in a buying process and when are they included?

First, the facts: The "State of B2B 2019" states that 56% of purchasing decisions are made on an emotional basis. Under emotional decision-making aids, the study lists the customer's trust in a good working relationship, the customer's confidence that the service will be provided as desired, optimism regarding the added value for his company, and the customer's pride in cooperating with the company in question. What is important about this percentage and these factors, however, is that buyers do not place the same amount of value on the emotional criteria in every decision-making phase. Especially at the beginning of the process, these are in the background and rational aspects such as price, delivery performance and the reliability of the potential trading partner are used to make a preliminary selection. It is not until the final supplier selection that the emotional component takes effect as a decision-making aid. It is at this stage that questions such as "How confident am I that this supplier will deliver the desired performance?" or "How much do I trust the supplier?" become decision makers and justify the above 56%. Nevertheless, emotional and rational purchase decision factors should not be strictly separated: Both are interrelated and build on each other. The emotional decisions are thus influenced by a good price, the promise of fast delivery and reliable service.

Why are emotional criteria included in the buying process?

Even though people and especially buyers like to experience themselves as rationally decisive beings, the reality is different. Feelings are omnipresent (often unconsciously) and serve as an important component in decision-making. These can be influenced by recommendations from the environment, one's own past experiences, and the demeanor of the potential trading partner, leading to a desired action. Even though the B2B world is seen as a rational business and entrepreneurs seem to make final decisions primarily according to facts and logic, this is not the case.

What fosters an emotional bond between customers and the company?

The study responds, "The four components of the marketing mix (product, price, distribution and communication) must be right for a supplier to build an emotional connection." In this context, it is particularly important to bear in mind the backgrounds of the purchasers: After all, they themselves bear a great risk when choosing their suppliers and therefore need, above all, trust in their trading partners and their performance. If they rely on the wrong partner, this can mean major losses for the company or even their dismissal. This is precisely where the various measures taken by companies come in. Various measures can be chosen to convince customers of their reliability and create an emotional connection: Flexible, readily available service is one of these precautions. Customers want to have a contact person. Especially when there are not always avoidable problems with the products or delivery. We at Mounting Systems recognized this early on and installed a reliable service where our customers can expect our help in a short time. This availability at short notice gives customers the security and partnership they need.

Furthermore, the visibility of the company should be promoted above all. A company that consistently makes a serious appearance on its website creates a certain role for itself. This can be further refined with regular posts on industry-relevant topics on the company's own website and social media channels. Regular trade show appearances by a company are also essential. These provide space for personal discussions between customers and the company and give interested parties the opportunity to try out the products live on site. The objective of both variants is to bring customers closer to the company and to establish a personal relationship.

Those who give their company a face make an empathetic impression. Long-standing, successful business relationships with customers can also give your company more visibility. With the help of word of mouth and recommendations, other people can be reached. People who hear positive feedback about a company from colleagues or friends are more likely to enter into a commercial relationship with that company. We are therefore proud of the fact that we have maintained intensive business relationships with our customers for many years. These long-standing relationships are a testament to the fact that we deliver a great total package and satisfy customers with our offering. Criteria that lead to Mounting Systems being recommended to others.


When choosing a supplier, the right feeling plays an important role in the final decision. Companies and their employees are not rigid, rational beings, but associations of individual, emotionally feeling people who unconsciously include their feelings in their decisions. To make buyers feel the right way, suppliers must not only provide reliable service and an acceptable price, but also work on their external perception. In order to promote the company's visibility, a website with interesting news as well as regular appearances at trade fairs relevant to the industry are ideal. Companies that manage to present themselves in a serious and sympathetic manner arouse positive emotions in potential customers and thus promote the conclusion of a contract. With Mounting Systems, we position ourselves as a brand that stands for reliability and customer-oriented relationships and that also communicates this through the relevant channels. Feel free to contact us and convince yourself of our excellent services.

Mounting Systems - More than a system. It's a brand.

Newcomer of the Year: Exciting Start-ups in the Solar Industry

Mounting Systems Rangsdorf

Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy: We Are the Foundation

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Newcomer of the Year: Exciting Start-ups in the Solar Industry


In the photovoltaics business field, consolidation processes and a fierce price war have left only a few players over the past two decades. This will certainly not remain the case. Whether technical innovations or new financing models: start-ups bring a breath of fresh air to the solar industry. With their ideas, they are helping to advance renewable worldwide. Read more about the most exciting start-ups of the last few months.

The "new" business areas at a glance

The desired energy turnaround requires a rethink in many areas. Unconventional ideas from start-ups can make an important contribution here. Looking at the current development, it quickly becomes clear that the new companies cover very different areas around photovoltaics. Some start-ups are looking for new project management and financing solutions for PV plants, including in developing countries. Others, on the other hand, are intensively involved with technical solutions for increasing efficiency, researching new materials for solar cells, or revolving around the media's favorite topic of artificial intelligence. Most recently, an incalculable number of start-ups have been founded worldwide around the global energy transition. In this article, we present four companies with very different goals as examples:

PV start-up number 1: Ecoligo

This crowdinvesting platform from Frankfurt am Main is committed to promoting the development of renewable energies in emerging and developing countries. For this, the start-up was awarded the Georg Salvamoser Prize at Intersolar in Munich in 2019. The company is currently active in Chile, Costa Rica, Ghana, Kenya and the Philippines. With its solar-as-a-service solution, the company supports Ecoligo companies in the realization of their projects by providing a complete digital platform for the financing and delivery of solar projects.

Start up number 2: BRC Solar

PV system operators often struggle with the problem of module shading. This usually leads to a drop in performance and a lower energy yield in the entire plant, since the modules are mostly connected in series. BRC Solar from Karlsruhe develops customer-specific solutions for optimizing the performance of the entire plant. The cost-effective control units can be retrofitted as add-ons or integrated into the module.

Start up number 3: Epishine

The Swedish start-up researches, develops and markets a completely new type of solar cell. Unlike conventional models, these are semi-transparent, very light and 100 percent organic. With this idea belonged Epishine at the "Start UP Energy Transition Tech Festival" in Berlin in April 2019, it is no coincidence that they are among the finalists for the SET Award. The organic solar cells can be used primarily indoors to reduce the need for batteries. In the future, it is also planned to use the so-called OPV (organic photovoltaics) in open spaces.

Start up number 4: Raycatch

This start-up from Israel uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop software solutions to predict potential faults in the operation of PV systems. By collecting extensive operating data, the self-learning software from Raycatch efficiency, increase energy yield and facilitate maintenance.


The photovoltaics market is in upheaval. Consolidation is making room for new start-ups. The small agile and often extremely creative companies are implementing their innovations around photovoltaics - and are partly supported by the established companies. It makes sense to look beyond one's own field of business. Because we will certainly see many more surprises in the future. Not least due to the AI megatrend.

Mounting Systems - More than a system. It's a brand.

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