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Sigma TR2
Single-axis PV tracking system

PV tracking systems

Sigma TR2

The Sophisticated Single-Axis Solar Tracking System for Extra-Large Bifacial PV Modules

For large solar parks and especially for AgriPV applications, our Sigma TR2 offers you an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

As the world's first tracking system, the Sigma TR2 offers a self-locking linear drive for each individual system post and is equipped exclusively with industrial standard components in the drive and control system.

The top-mounted and fully encapsulated drive system makes it safe to use in the Agri PV sector even without fencing.

  • Applications

    • Ground-mount projects
    • Agri PV
    • Glass-glass modules
    • Framed modules
    • Bifacial modules
    • Portrait/Vertical
    • Landscape
    • 10-year Warranty
    • 25 - 50 years stability guarantee
  • Technical details

    • Horizontal single-axis solar tracking system (HSAT) with up to +/-55° inclination
    • Up to 10° terrain slope along table
    • Suitable for up to two large area PV modules in portrait or five in landscape
    • More than 50% of components are preassembled to ensure operational quality and ease installation process
    • Intuitive HTML-based user interface
    • Standard industry components in drive, control and data management
    • Standardized open interface for SCADA system
    • Post, ground screw and concrete foundations
  • PV modules

    Depending on the configuration requirements, the system is suitable for both portrait and landscape installation. With our Sigma Tracker, all currently common PV modules can be reliably clamped or screwed in accordance with the regulations of the OEM manufacturers.

  • Inverter & cable management

    The integrated cable management concept enables simple, yet protected (UV and mechanical) laying of cables within the longitudinal rails of the tracking system.

    Optional bieten wir Ihnen die Integration von Strangwechselrichtern oder DC-Sammlern innerhalb des Sigma Trackers.

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