Pioneer of Innovation - Selected as Innovation Leader! 

Pioneer of Innovation - Selected as Innovation Leader! 

The energy transition has entered the world stage and solar energy is in the spotlight of these exciting changes. In this time of technological advancement and environmental responsibility, it is critical to identify companies that are paving the way to a sustainable future. We are proud to announce that Mounting Systems, a leading name in the solar industry, has been recognized as one of the Innovation Leaders. This award validates our dedication to excellence and our continuous pursuit of innovation. As a company specializing in the development of advanced mounting systems for solar installations, we have always strived to push the boundaries of what is possible. From optimizing system performance to simplifying the installation process, we are committed to taking solar power generation to a new level. This honor is not only a recognition of our efforts to date, but also a promise of the exciting developments that await us. 

The summit of innovation
in Berlin

To celebrate this milestone and explore the potential of future innovation, we have been cordially invited to an Innovation Summit in Berlin. This exclusive event will bring together the minds behind the solar industry's leading companies to share ideas, provide insights and discuss future directions. With presentations, discussions and networking opportunities, this event will provide a unique opportunity to meet the drivers of innovation in the solar energy industry. 

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Shaping the future: Our promise to sustainability

This recognition as an Innovation Leader is not just a trophy for us, but a call to continue investing in the future. We are driven by our mission to revolutionize energy generation through solar technology while promoting sustainable solutions. We are determined to continue driving our innovations to shape a sustainable future for generations to come. 

We encourage you to join us in our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Because together we can shape a world characterized by clean energy, innovation and responsibility. 

We look forward to shaping the future together - a future that rests on the firm foundation of innovation, sustainability and collaboration. 

Hristeni, Bulgaria, 121 MWp

Self-Locking Scissor Jack

121 MWp
Hristeni, Bulgaria

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Large-Scale Hybrid Project


The first large-scale European hybrid project combining a performance-optimized fixed-tilt system with a yield-optimized single-axis tracking system on very difficult terrain.

Project nameHristeni
Project locationBulgaria
PV capacity121 MWp 
Frame systemSigma Tracker + Sigma II

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Saarhof, Germany, 13.9 MWp

13.9 MWp
Saarhof, Germany

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Saarhof, Germany, 13.9 MWp

MSY Group has delivered and implemented the next challenging project in Germany. With an angle of inclination of more than 12°, our Sigma II once again proven to be one of the most adaptable, flexible and competitive PV substructure solution.

Project name:Saarhof
Project countryGermany
PV capacity13.9 MWp 
Start of operation2022
Installation systemSigma II - 3V/3P

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Coevordenkanaal , Netherlands - Sigma II

Coevordenkanaal , Netherlands
13 MWp

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Project of the Month - Coevordenkanaal, Netherlands

MSY Group delivered the next interesting project to our partner Belectric in the Netherlands. Challenging ground and complicated environmental conditions made our Sigma II the best possible solution for this project. With 13 MWp installed capacity, it is another contribution to the energy transition in Europe... and there will be more!

Many thanks to our partner, Belectric GmbH, Kolitzheim and their exceptional team! It was great to work with you!

Project name:Coevordenkanaal
Project countryNetherlands
PV capacity13 MWp 
Start of operation2022
Installation systemSigma II - 3V/3P

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Dalgo Pole, Bulgaria, 66 MWp

Self-Locking Scissor Jack

Dalgo Pole, Bulgaria
66 MWp

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Excellent work - well done, team!
New Sigma Tracker project in Bulgaria put into operation

Today we finally have the next Sigma Tracker-Project put into operation. MSY Group, the European specialist in medium and large-scale PV tracking solutions, has commissioned the next challenging tracker project in Southeast Europe. With a total capacity of 66 MWp, it is the largest solar tracker project in Southeast Europe and the first for an IPP.

This project combines state-of-the-art technologies and applications, such as:

  • Unconstrained bifaciality to maximize backside gain.
  • Mechanically stiffened frame structure for particularly large-format modules to prevent unexpected mechanical impacts on the modules
  • Self-locking features on each post to improve system robustness
  • Web-enabled user interfaces and cloud-based data storage to ensure future compatibility
  • AI-based functional routines in tracking and adjusting to environmental conditions to increase project yields
  • Industry-standard automation components to ensure long-term operability
Project name:Dalgo Pole A
Project countryBulgaria
PV capacity66 MWp 
Start of operation2022
Installation systemSigma Tracker

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