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Whether it is simply a matter of choosing the right roof hooks, you need help with the planning of a project or our sales marketing team can support you in marketing the products: our internal service staff are looking forward to your enquiries.

Our 5-year warranty on our PV mounting systems means long-term security for you. Our trade partners, installers and project planners appreciate our wide-ranging and high-performance service far beyond national borders and continents.

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With Passion and Care We Strive for Safety on the Roofs of the World

Visit us in our Rangsdorf and Cologne locations or take part in our online training courses and learn how you can set up our systems even faster.

We offer our customers, installers and employees of wholesalers regular trainings in the use of our products. In our training room in Rangsdorf, we have set up our new PV mounting systems in an optimal test environment and can demonstrate the simple assembly and all details. This saves you and your employees time and money. Of course, all training courses are free of charge.

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We Plan Every Roof

Taking into consideration the customer and project-specific requirements, we approach each project with full dedication and professionalism. From the initial project enquiry to the structural analysis and project implementation, we ensure that our engineers and technicians develop the best possible solution for you. Our assembly systems are highly adaptable and can be excellently customised to project-specific requirements. The layout, type and fixation of the module are always analysed based your project. Our planning services:

  • Design Optimization

    Our technicians ensure that the optimal combination of products is considered for each project. To guarantee a strong and cost-effective solution, we regularly optimise our components.

  • Static Calculations

    We have both a highly detailed design tool that can be used on any roof project, but also a highly skilled team of structural engineers who can perform more in-depth structural calculations. This can be for a special project in a difficult location, a completely customised solution with a combination of different components or even a project with a customised fixing/third party fixation. The possibilities at Mounting Systems are endless.

  • Geotechnical Investigations

    For any ground installation project, we can offer the services of one of our geotechnical partners. Geotechnical investigations are very important in larger projects as they provide us with the information we need to design the system. During the investigation, several physical samples of the soil are taken to visually examine the structure of the soil. Based on these results, we optimise the foundations for the system.

  • Analysis of Corrosion & Wind and Snow Loads

    The first step in any project is to calculate the wind and snow loads for the site. This crucial step gives us the information we need to ensure that the system has the correct ballasting, number of fixings and key components to withstand these loads. With our extensive portfolio of components, we are always able to offer a solution, no matter how high the loads are for your project. Corrosion is a problem that can even affect aluminium through galvanic and atmospheric corrosion. If you have a project in a highly corrosive environment, we can provide custom anodised solutions that offer the highest level of protection against corrosion. In certain cases, the corrosiveness of the soil can be measured so that we can apply the correct amount of galvanising to our driven posts to ensure that their strength will withstand corrosion for the life of the system.


International Supply Chain Through Worldwide Transport Network

Our reliable and efficient logistics support your entire project. Our material-optimised packaging solutions with partially pre-assembled parts minimise freight costs. We show the delivery costs as soon as the order is confirmed. We guarantee transport safety, punctuality and, if required, are happy to accommodate customer-specific packaging solutions as well as desired deadlines. Our logistics services:

  • Global Delivery

    The delivery of our PV mounting systems to over 70 countries runs smoothly and is extremely uncomplicated for you thanks to our worldwide transport network

  • Rapid Availability

    Thanks to state-of-the-art warehousing in our fully automated storage system, many products can be delivered directly from the shelf and are therefore quickly available for you.

  • Customs Clearance

    As an approved exporter, we also offer complete customs clearance.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    The Supplier Code of Conduct creates a clear framework of values and principles that supportand underpin the meaning of fair competition and a principled approach to doing business.


On our YouTube channel you can find tutorials on how to assemble our products.

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