Sigma I -
Ground-mount PV System

Ground-mounted PV

Sigma I

Sigma I PV installation system

The Perfect Long-Lasting System for Use in Uneven and Demanding Terrain

For solar parks with special requirements due to slope inclination or ground clearance, our ground-mounted system Sigma I offers you an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

With one to two modules in Portrait and two to four modules in Landscape , it covers a wide spectrum from optimum yield to maximum area utilization.

Various foundation solutions -posts, earth screw or concrete - enable adaptation to a wide range of ground conditions.

The integration of cable routing, inverters and DC collectors is a matter of course.

  • System configuration

    • 1P/1V with high inclination, south-facing, for optimum yield or high snow loads
    • 2P/2V with normal inclination for optimized power/yield balance
    • All configurations are available as well as East-West frame available
  • Technical details

    • Single-post galvanized steel frame
    • Up to 10° terrain slope along table
    • Up to 45° terrain slope across table
    • Up to two large area PV modules in portrait or four in landscape
    • Up to 45° inclination with almost unlimited ground clearance
  • Design principles

    We are happy to present our design principles to you in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

    On the basis of the Eurocodes and especially its National Annexes we provide you with systems that meet the requirements of wind, snow and earthquake loads as well as air and soil corrosivity.

    This enables us to provide a structural warranty for our systems for the entire planned operating lifetime.

  • Applications

    • Ground-mount projects
    • Agri PV
    • Glass-glass modules
    • Framed modules
    • Unframed modules
    • Bifacial modules
    • Portrait
    • Landscape
    • 10-year Warranty
    • 25-50 year Structural Warranty
  • PV modules

    Depending on requirements, the system is suitable for both orientations - portrait (2-4 modules) and landscape (4-5 modules).

    With our Sigma II, all current PV modules can be reliably clamped or bolted in accordance with the module manufacturer's specifications.

    The screw connection enables simple installation from below and direct electrical potential equalization.

  • Cable management

    The integrated cable management concept enables simple, yet protected (UV and mechanical) laying of cables within the longitudinal rails of the system.

    As an option, we offer the integration of string inverters or DC collectors within the Sigma II with or without bite protection.

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