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Self-Locking Scissor Jack

Dalgo Pole, Bulgaria
66 MWp

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Excellent work - well done, team!
New Sigma Tracker project in Bulgaria put into operation

Today we finally have the next Sigma Tracker-Project put into operation. MSY Group, the European specialist in medium and large-scale PV tracking solutions, has commissioned the next challenging tracker project in Southeast Europe. With a total capacity of 66 MWp, it is the largest solar tracker project in Southeast Europe and the first for an IPP.

This project combines state-of-the-art technologies and applications, such as:

  • Unconstrained bifaciality to maximize backside gain.
  • Mechanically stiffened frame structure for particularly large-format modules to prevent unexpected mechanical impacts on the modules
  • Self-locking features on each post to improve system robustness
  • Web-enabled user interfaces and cloud-based data storage to ensure future compatibility
  • AI-based functional routines in tracking and adjusting to environmental conditions to increase project yields
  • Industry-standard automation components to ensure long-term operability
Project name:Dalgo Pole A
Project countryBulgaria
PV capacity66 MWp 
Start of operation2022
Installation systemSigma Tracker

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