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Benban Solar Park Egypt

Planning, Logistics, Installation System and Strong Support From a Single Source



Through Project-Specific Planning of Solar Parks

Taking into account their project-specific requirements, we approach each PV project with full dedication and professionalism. From the initial project inquiry to the structural analysis, soil survey, detailed design, logistics and project execution, we ensure that you get the best possible solution for your project.

  • Planning Services

    • Design Optimization 
    • Structural analysis
    • Geotechnical investigation 
    • Analysis of soil and environmental conditions
    • 3D design and parameterization
    • Layout and pile driving design
    • Project management
    • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Our Systems

    Our PV installation systems are extremely adaptable and can be excellently adapted to project-specific requirements. Module layout, type and fastening method, as well as angle of attack, frame height and type of foundation can be flexibly selected according to the project.

    To the systems

  • Our Planning Team

    Our competent and experienced team of engineers, logisticians and project managers offer customer and project specific solutions to ensure the subsequent profitability of your project from the very beginning.


Worldwide Logistics Network

Our reliable and high-performance logistics support the entire project and customs process. Our material-optimized packaging solutions with pre-assembled parts minimize freight costs and enable simple and fast assembly on site. We deliver directly to the construction site – on time.

  • Logistics Services

    • Global supply chain
    • Timed delivery schedules aligned with project progress
    • Customs Clearance
    • Document management

Worldwide On-Site Support and Installation Services

Our project team offers you personal support and worldwide on-site assistance in the various phases of a PV project. With our experienced and trained partners, we also offer installation services. Absolute reliability from the first contact to inspection and commissioning and beyond is our promise.

  • Support Services

    • Individual project solutions
    • Worldwide on-site support
    • Installation services
    • Commissioning
    • Maintenance and repair
  • Extended Support Services

    • Installation training also at the project site
    • Supervision of pile driving tests and foundation designs
    • Assessment of third-party services
    • Commissioning of complex (tracker) systems – also online

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