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High-quality tracker technology in implementation: Tata, Hungary

Hungary - an attractive solar market

As in many other countries in Europe, solar power is becoming more and more popular in Hungary. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Hungary had reached a total of 1.28 GWp of installed solar power by the end of 2019. Solar Future Hungary also notes that 2018 was a record year with an impressive 700 MWp of cumulative photovoltaic capacity installed. The supportive political landscape around renewable energy and solar power continue to support the development.

Mounting Systems GmbH present in Hungary through a new project

We at Mounting Systems Ltd. also had the opportunity to contribute our performance to the development of Hungarian solar energy. We have expanded our project spectrum through a successful Sigma Tracker -expanded project. The ground-mounted project was carried out in Tata, Hungary, about 70 km northwest of Budapest. Mounting Systems GmbH supplied the mounting systems for the solar park of our partner Photon Energy delivered. The park, which was commissioned in March of this year, has a total reading of 4.31 MWp and is equipped with 10,608 half-cell modules. The modules were installed in portrait format. The single-axis Sigma Tracker system was used as the mounting system. The technology of the system is flexible adaptable and reliable. The need for maintenance is low.

As usual, the PV mounting systems were delivered pre-assembled by trucks directly to the construction site. Due to the pre-assembled components, a simple and quick assembly of the mounting system could thus be ensured. The self-locking technology of the Sigma Tracker guarantees excellent stability in difficult weather conditions. As a result, wind speeds of 260 km/h can be withstood. As a monitoring system, our Sigma View online tool provides real-time statistics on the operation of the entire solar farm.

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