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Demovan: Innovation on Wheels
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The Demovan From Mounting Systems: Your Mobile Presentation Platform

In today's business world, where flexibility and mobility are crucial, we at Mounting Systems have taken an innovative approach to reach customers and partners in a convenient and effective way. Our DemoVan, a true mobile marvel, serves not only as a trade show booth, but also as a road show vehicle. It offers customers the opportunity to experience our products up close - no matter where and when, and can be used by our own sales staff as well as by customers for their own events.

Why a DemoVan?

The idea behind the MSY DemoVan is simple but extremely effective: we want to give our customers and partners the opportunity to see our products in action without the hassle of having to come to us. Whether you choose to have a presentation at your own company or stop by one of our roadshow locations, the DemoVan is the ultimate mobile solution to experience our high-quality products in detail.

The Equipment of the Demovan

Our DemoVan is a versatile and inviting space for presentations and conversations. Let's take a look at some of the key elements:

Samples of our products: An essential part of the DemoVan is the demonstration of our products. We have samples of our mounting systems and solar mounting systems on hand to give customers the opportunity to experience the quality and functionality of our products first hand.

TV with corporate demo movie: Our DemoVan is equipped with a high-definition TV on which we present our company history and products. Our customers can watch short films about our mission, our product quality, our success stories as well as also learn about our values.

Beverage offer: We know that successful business meetings are often accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere. That's why we offer a selection of beverages in our DemoVan, including coffee, tea and soft drinks. We want to make sure that our customers feel comfortable and welcome.

Bar table: A high table is available for informal conversation and productive talks. Here you can exchange ideas with our sales staff or technicians, ask questions and gain insights.

Accompaniment by sales representatives and technicians: A knowledgeable Mounting Systems sales representative and technician is always present at each DemoVan presentation. These experts are ready to answer questions, explain technical details and ensure that customers have the best possible experience with our products.

The MSY DemoVan embodies our dedication to customer satisfaction and innovation. Whether you want a presentation for your company or would like to see our fastening systems for yourself at our roadshow, our DemoVan is the solution to meet your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mounting Systems' DemoVan and introducing you to our products. Take a step with us towards a more sustainable future and contact us to make your appointment in the DemoVan.

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