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Our Pitched mounting system is the successor of our successful “Alpha” system. The mounting system for photovoltaic systems combines robustness and flexibility – at reasonable prices. The well-proven Clickstone Technology and the aluminium profiles guarantee an easy installation on the roof for the installers and reduce installation times. A 10-year guarantee on the durable stainless steel components ensures long-term safety. Find out everything about the individual components, materials and technical details of our bestselling mounting system for photovoltaic systems.

+ Unlimited flexibility

With the Pitched PV mounting system photovoltaic modules can easily be installed on pitched roofs of old and new buildings with any roofing. A wide range of options in terms of roof connection, installation convenience and material thickness make it possible to select components for any project that fit exactly and are material-optimised.

+ Significant cost savings

The Pitched ProLine was specially developed for a quick and easy installation. Maximum pre-assembly of the components, intelligent connection design and the use of only a few tools on the roof enable assembly in record time. The result: you gain high cost savings.

+ Maximum service life

All components are made of aluminium and stainless steel. The high corrosion resistance guarantees a maximum service life and offers the possibility of complete recycling.

Technical data


  • Location: pitched roof/on roof area
  • Roof covering: any
  • Roof pitch: Up to 60
  • Building height: Up to 20 m
  • PV modules: Framed, unframed
  • Module orientation: upright, landscape
  • Size of module field: free
  • Module field position: free
  • Roof hook spacing: up to 2 meters
  • Standards: Eurocode 1, Eurocode 9
  • Support profiles: extruded aluminium
  • Roof hook: stainless steel
  • Colour: aluminium/ black
  • Warranty: 10 years

Easy planning


The Mounting Systems design software allows you to assemble the material for your rooftop system in minutes and offers three other advantages:

  • a verifiable static verification for the location based on valid standards, protection for the installer and the owner
  • a material and technique optimised, order-ready bill of materials for the processor or purchaser, and
  • a clear installation plan for the technician on site.

As a result, you benefit in three ways: from efficient planning in advance, simplified installation on site and a high level of safety over the entire duration of the project.

The individual parts at a glance

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