The most valuable thing wholesaler has

July 19, 2018

If a drill manufacturer wants to sell more products, he will place google ads or a new display at eye level in a DIY store. Or it convinces those who actually work with the drill to run into the next store and ask for the newest model. The last is usually more efficient. So the question is: Who are the influencers who influence the product range?

The same applies, of course, to photovoltaic systems. As a manufacturer of on-roof systems, you cannot simply process the most important wholesalers in a market with your advertising messages and pray over and over again for the product advantages. But it is so much more effective to focus with the offer on the most valuable thing that wholesalers have: The clients. The craftsmen who have a considerable influence on the wholesaler’s assortment. The best weapon in the distribution of products is therefore an exact knowledge of the craftsmen’s requirements. This comes as no surprise, as it is also the best guideline for product development.

We are convinced that we offer the right system for hundreds of different roof tile types and roof angles. We know from our product training that craftsmen appreciate “One system for everything”. This is not surprising, because a comparatively small number of individual parts makes storage easier, reduces handling times and sources of trouble – even when re-ordering. In the last three years we have developed and optimised a clamp that can be used for all our residential photovoltaic systems. Thanks to an internal click, the clamp can be used from lightly ballasted flat roof systems to trapezoidal sheet metal or in-roof solutions to outdoor systems in the garden. The craftsmen who are involved in the whole development process were all pleased with the robustness and simple handling. One turn is enough.

In our experience, craftsmen only buy what they understand from people that does not leave them alone after sales. The best overall package counts and wins. Craftsmen are interested beyond the piece of metal in their hands i how reliable the supplier is. How good and far-reaching is the service around it? Are there reliable technical experts at hand? These are all questions that we are familiar with because of our trainings. These questions guided us while developing “The One (system for everything)”. We know what the roof looks like. This is probably why more and more tradesmen in the wholesale are turning to Mounting Systems.

Do not hesitate to contact us: We will be happy to put you in touch with some installers. They know what’s good.

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