Three-dimensional future – seeing and understanding

November 28, 2019

Three-dimensional representations facilitate our understanding in many areas, be it in medicine or architecture. “Computer Augmented Design” is dispensable for businesses nowadays and can be a differentiator to competitors.

You know it from the cinema screen. 3D animated characters and landscapes leave no limits to the imagination. One example is the film Avatar with groundbreaking visual effects. It attracted numerous visitors to the cinemas and was the highest-grossing film, breaking all records and remained the best-selling film for a decade until being surpassed in 2019! More than 100 years ago the first 3D film was shown in cinemas, which is perfected in today’s digital age, giving it many more use-cases in all kinds of industries.

Realistic Representations

The need to further develop and apply technologies also applies to Mounting Systems. In this case, explaining our solar racking systems in a simple and seamless way for the users. Ever better and faster algorithms enable the fascination of 3D rendering, or so called “real-time rendering”. Spatial imagination is becoming easier and easier. Anyone who has ever worn virtual reality glasses knows the feeling and how powerful it is.

At Mounting Systems we use technical and realistic representations to show customers and installers the structure of our solar racking systems. Our new installation videos are unique and show the installation of a system from start to finish. Take a look at our installation videos here.

If you combine the 3D videos with the “Digital Showroom”, it is possible to get an in-depth understanding of the various solar systems that we offer. In the Digital Showroom it is possible to interact with the systems and the single product parts through disassembly and reassembly in exploded views via an Internet browser.

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