Sigma II – Ground Mount

Fixed-Tilt System

Sigma II

Sigma II ground mount system for solar plants

The Lightweight, Easy-to-Install System for Cost-Optimized Use in Large Solar Parks

For large solar parks, our ground mount system Sigma II offers you an optimal cost-benefit ratio. It has been engineered and optimized for low material usage and easy installation.

A variety of different foundations will give you the flexibility you need for your project.

Since essential components can also be made of aluminum, use in corrosive environments is possible.

  • Applications

    • Ground mount projects
    • Agri PV
    • Glass-glass modules
    • Framed modules
    • Unframed modules
    • Bifacial modules
    • Portrait orientation
    • Landscape orientation
    • 10 years warranty
  • Technical Data

    • Double-post galvanized steel PV mounting sytem (Al optional)
    • Up to 10° longitudinal slope of the terrain
    • Up to 45° terrain slope in transverse direction (parallel to the slope)
    • Suitable for up to four large area PV modules in portrait or eight in landscape
    • Up to 45° inclination with almost unlimited ground clearance
    • Segmented posts for easier handling
    • Driven piles, helical piles, concrete foundations
    • Integrated cable management
    • Opt. mechanical PV inverter integration
  • OEM Compliance

    Depending on the configuration requirements, the system is suitable for both portrait and landscape installation. With our Sigma II, all currently common PV modules can be reliably clamped or screwed in accordance with the regulations of the OEM manufacturers.

  • Cable Management

    The integrated cable management concept enables simple, yet protected (UV and mechanical) laying of cables within the longitudinal rails of the system.

    Optionally, we offer you the integration of string inverters or DC combiners within the Sigma II.

  • Downloads

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    Installation Manual:
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    Instructions for Maintenance:
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