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Mounting Systems for the Largest Solar Carport of the World


Mounting Systems has delivered its Sigma Carport solution to a first-of-a-kind 35 MWp solar carport park of the Solarfields and Lowlands in Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands. The solar park is being built on the Lowlands car parking lots next to the…

News Solar Parks & Utility-Scale

Ground Mount Systems for an 18 MWp PV Plant in Germany


Mounting Systems has delivered two-post ground mount systems for a photovoltaic plant, located in the Eastern Germany, approximately 60 km from the capital, Berlin.

Kamianka solarpark
News Solar Parks & Utility-Scale

Sigma II ground mount project grid connected in Ukraine


The year 2021 got a perfect start in terms of Mounting Systems ground mount projects, as the Kamianka project was completed and put into operation in Central Ukraine on January 1st, 2021. The 32 MWp photovoltaic power plant…

News Solar Parks & Utility-Scale

Mounting Systems at Forum Neue Energiewelt in Berlin


New business contacts, networking and exchanging with the industry peers has been challenging in recent months due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic. As a result, many new and innovative digital platforms have been..

Sigma Tracker Benban
News Solar Parks & Utility-Scale

The Sigma Tracker System: An Interview


A solar tracking system is a photovoltaic system that optimizes the angle of incidence between the sunlight on the PV module by automatically following the course of the sun. This, in return, increases the amount of energy produced. In recent years, the improvement…

Sigma II Bifacial system
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Ground-mounted system for maximized bifacial gain


Monofacial photovoltaic modules, which receive solar irradiance only from the front side of the modules have long been the prevalent industry standard. However, in recent years a great focus has been laid on bifacial PV modules, which provide…

News Solar Parks & Utility-Scale

High-quality tracking technology in action: Tata, Hungary


As in many European countries, solar power is constantly gaining more popularity in Hungary. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Hungary had a total of 1.28 GWp of installed solar energy at the end of 2019.

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