Mounting Systems for the
Largest Solar Carport
of the World

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Mounting Systems for the Largest Solar Carport of the World


Mounting Systems has delivered its Sigma Carport solution to a first-of-a-kind 35 MWp solar carport park of the Solarfields and Lowlands in Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands. The solar park is being built on the Lowlands car parking lots next to the MOJO open air festival facility and covers an area of 35 hectares. Altogether 90,000 bifacial solar modules will generate 35 MWp of energy, which equals the electricity consumption of 10,000 households annually or 100 festival weekends. Currently the parking lot is used by at least four major festivals during the period from May until October. The avoided annual carbon emissions are 18,410,000 kg.

The project is an important step towards a more sustainable festival: the 300,000 kWh electricity demand of one festival will no longer need to be supplied by generators, like before, but will be replaced with sustainable solar energy instead. The carport systems were designed to maximize the use of space in the area. This means that the structures do not waste any potential parking space but combine car parking and energy production in a clever way. The solar carport will provide a parking shelter for 15,000 cars and will remain at the location permanently.

Steel structures on a robust foundation

Followed by a thorough evaluation of the ground conditions, 2,770 special concrete foundation piles with a length of five meters and a weight of three tons each were rammed into the ground.

After a robust foundation was created, the installation of the steel systems took place. Depending on the area of deployment, three different types of steel structures consisting of standardized construction parts were mounted – two structures for single cars with three PV modules vertically and one structure for two cars (opposite of each other) with five PV modules vertically. The hot-dip galvanized structures combined with the robust concrete foundations guarantee a solid and reliable carport system for more than 25 years to come.

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