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Ground-Mounted System for
Maximized Bifacial

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Ground-mounted system for maximized bifacial gain


Monofacial photovoltaic modules, which receive solar irradiance only from the front side of the modules have long been the prevalent industry standard. However, in recent years a great focus has been laid on bifacial PV modules, which provide many new opportunities and benefits to their installers. The biggest practical difference in comparison to traditional monofacial modules is that bifacial modules are capable of collecting reflected irradiance also from the back side of the modules.

Depending on various factors, such as installation height, reflectivity of below surfaces (albedo), shadowing of neighbored rows, and the diffuse irradiance fraction, the additional bifacial gain can be as high as 30 %. Since 2014, bifacial installations have increased rapidly and there seems to be no end to it. Some estimations divine up to 60 % increase in the near future, which means that bifacial solar systems may become the new industry standard.

Sigma II Bifacial system

The Sigma II Bifacial system of Mounting Systems

We at Mounting Systems have optimized our substructures to respond to the growing demand of bifacial systems. Our excellent dual-post Sigma II Bifacial ground-mounted system has been designed especially for the purpose of avoiding shading on the backside of the modules. The fixed-tilt system is extremely adaptable and allows thus a fully customized design. The ease of installation together with galvanized stainless-steel components make the system a meaningful investment and guarantee a long life span and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, the system enables multiple module configurations. Depending on the specific requirements of a project, various foundations such as driven piles, earth screws or foot plates can be used. As our all other mounting systems, the Sigma II Bifacial is developed and produced under certified sustainability standards, and the components are easy to disassemble and recycle. This way the environmental footprint can be minimized.

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