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Even in difficult soil conditions

In Goussaincourt, France, Mounting Systems supplied the Sigma II installation systems for a project built in collaboration with Bouygues ES. Due to the hard ground, our Sigma II was chosen as it was perfectly suited with its height adjustable split post. This, along with the relatively small cross-section of the posts, allowed for fast and efficient pre-drilling. More than 18,000 boreholes, which were backfilled with the excavated material to drive the posts, were thus drilled in less than 3 months.

The racking systems for approx. 36 MWp were delivered by us within four weeks. Therefore, the efficiency of our logistics was of outstanding importance.

Sigma II project Goussaincourt
Project name:Goussaincourt
Project CountryFrance
Capacity36 MWp
Installation systemSigma II

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