Our All-rounder: Pitched ProLine

December 2, 2018

Pitched ProLine on-roof system is an innovative rack system for installing photovoltaic modules on rooftops. It consists of lightweight base rails made of aluminium and various parts to assemble the system on the rooftop and to connect the rails with each other. The system was developed by us especially for the usage on pitched roofs with an angle up to 60 ° and a maximum building height of 20 m. During the installation both a landscape as well as portrait orientation of the modules is possible.

Efficient Planning and Easy Installation

The planning of the material requirement is configured by our design software in a few minutes. In addition, the software enables a project-related static verification in accordance with national norms providing a security for both installer and owner. On site, the technicians benefit from a detailed rail and module plan for the respective roof area. The installation takes place in the following steps: First, the base rails are attached to the roof by roof fasteners. In a conventional roof construction, the individual roof hooks are attached to the rafters of the roof structure. A connection of the base rails is ensured by so-called connectors. At the end of each base rail, a pre-assembled telescopic end-piece is inserted. In the next step, the installation of the PV modules is prepared and implemented. Our product range consists of various components that are designed for different fields of application. For example, we developed a heavy-duty roof hooks for snowy regions.

The Advantages of the Pitched ProLine Rooftop System

The key benefits of our product line are an unlimited flexibility and high durability of the system. With our rooftop system you can install PV modules more efficient on various rooftops by achieving a high comfort during the mounting through accuracy of fit and maximum pre-assembly of the individual components. This allows a simple and quick installation process. Fitters and owners will both be pleased. In addition, there is a significant cost advantage over other solutions. Best of all: Since all components are made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel, we can guarantee a maximum service life.

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