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The development of sustainability arises from renewable energy, which plays an important role, not only to promote an ecological culture, but also to use natural sources such as wind, sun and water, without compromising the well-being of the environment in any way. With the technological evolution, the focus of the company X-Win, which deals with the distribution of solar storage systems and inverters, both for residential and commercial, also shifts to the new solutions of the German company Mounting Systems GmbH, leader and producer of mounting systems for the installation of photovoltaic systems: flat roof, pitched roof, in-roof, ground-mounted, carports, compatible with all different brands and types of modules.

“We have chosen Mounting Systems because of the very interesting technical and economic qualities of the products – explains Davide Orciani, Managing Director of X-Win -, because of the efficiency and, above all, because their mounting systems provide for shorter installation times than others. When we met a few years ago at Intersolar in Germany, it was immediately clear to us that it was worthwhile to deepen our knowledge.

Recently, the company has also introduced carport systems for the residential market, which we are very much counting on, namely the new trend in the solar industry. In particular, they have developed 3 new products: E-Port Home for residential buildings for single and double parking spaces and with the possibility of additional features such as LED lights, favorite color and luxurious design, who want the best of the best for their electric vehicle; E-Port Line for the commercial market and E-Port Wings for the industrial sector, such as airports or large shopping centers.

Photovoltaic modules can be easily mounted on pitched roofs of different types, through a wide range of mounting materials and a wide choice of rails, very attractive from an aesthetic point of view. The main advantages include easy pre-assembly within a few minutes, intelligent connection design, significant savings and maximum durability: all components are made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel to ensure both full recyclability and high corrosion resistance.

During and after installation, we can rely on the company’s comprehensive technical support, ranging from informative webinars to installation instructions and fast deliveries. We are pleased to have such a strong business partner at our side.” 

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