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The Spanish solar energy market: review of Genera in Madrid, February 5-7, 2020.

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The Spanish solar energy market: review of Genera in Madrid, February 5-7, 2020.


One of the first events of the year in the field of renewable energy in Europe is Genera in Madrid, which took place from 5 to 7 February. It brought together installers, experts, students, manufacturers, EPC and distributors under one roof. The event was hosted by the company IFEMA.

Debuting at Genera 2020 as an exhibitor: Over the past year, Mounting Systems has experienced significant interest in its solar mounting products worldwide, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market. Through a strategic recruitment strategy, we have been able to capitalize on this interest through a Spanish sales and technical team. As a result, we are celebrating a new and promising partnership with NED Ibérica, a renewable energy distributor based in Spain and France. To communicate this growth and success to the market, it was appropriate to present our products and brand in a space of 50 m² at Genera 2020.

Supply the Spanish market with new products

With our new partner Ned Ibérica, we presented a joint portfolio in the field of solar energy to potential customers. At the Mounting Systems booth, interested parties were able to familiarize themselves with various options for mounting PV modules. For this purpose, our classic ProLine exhibits were presented in a practical manner. Especially the flat roof system Light-S and Light-EW attracted a lot of attention.

Our focus this year is on PV solutions for future urban developments. The solar market is growing and policy makers are pushing to increase the share of renewable energy in the grid. Despite the great interest in solar energy in Spain and despite the perfect solar conditions, there are few residential and commercial rooftops with solar installations. Mounting Systems is accordingly motivated to boost the market with low-cost, high-quality PV rooftop systems to help potential customers make the decision to install photovoltaic systems. Mounting Systems also has new, innovative PV system solutions ready for the future solar market for roofs with limited or unsuitable m2 area. For example, one innovation is Mounting Systems' solar carports, such as the E-Port Home, E-Port Line, E-Port Wings, which are suitable for both private parking lots and larger commercial parking lots. In this way, we can help establish the market for e-mobility and solar carports with affordable and durable products.

We are creating a path for a greener future

If we look at the developments in vehicles and the changes in urban spaces, it is pretty certain that solar carports will be a standard offering in most commercial parking lots. All major car manufacturers have been offering electric vehicles for some time now. which can be refueled in cities and along highways, at charging stations. The resulting increased demand for electricity will lead to larger commercial centers, such as business districts, shopping centers, airports to provide electricity for customer e-mobility. The most economical way to meet this demand is through solar panels. If city centers and airports take advantage of this opportunity, the power supply can be secured nationally. This is because e-vehicles can be charged in solar parking lots, helping to sustainably meet energy needs. Join us on this journey!

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