Ground Mount


Technical Details

ApplicationGround mount
Module arrangementUp to 20 m per rack unit
Module orientationPortrait, 2 modules on top of each other
Module inclination20° or 30°
Minimum module
elevation to the ground
70 – 80 cm
Distance of the fixation
for east-west direction
Dependent on the type of module and the local circumstances
Setting optionsC-posts 3.5 mm at 2.2 m or 3.2 m
Frame profilesExtruded aluminium (EN AW 6063 T66)
Small partsGeomet-coated steel, Stainless steel V2A, Extruded aluminium (EN AW 6063 T66)
ColorAluminium: plate finished
Warranty10 years
2 hochkant
Module: gerahmte Module
Gründung: Rammpfosten, Ortsbeton/In-Cast
Modulbefestigung: Klemmen

Product overview


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