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Promising Solar Energy Market in Spain – a Review of the Genera Congress in Spain

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Promising solar energy market in Spain – a review of the Genera congress


One of the first renewable energy events of the year in Europe is the Genera in Madrid, which took place from 5-7th of February. Here, installers, experts, students, manufacturers, EPC and distributers all come together under one roof in one hall. The event was hosted by the company IFEMA and it was a joy to be there as an exhibitor.

Debut at the Genera 2020 as an Exhibitor

For the past year, Mounting Systems have experienced a huge interest in its solar mounting products world-wide, especially so in the Spanish speaking market. Through a strategic hiring strategy, we have managed to harness this interest through a Spanish sales and technical team and as a result, we are celebrating a new and promising partnership with NED Ibérica, a renewable energy distributor based in Spain and France. To communicate this growth and success in the market, it was appropriate to showcase our products and brand in an area of 50m² at Genera2020.

Delivering value to the Spanish market

Together with our new partner Ned Ibérica, we were happy to exhibit and inform potential customers of the offerings in solar energy. At the Mounting Systems stand at the Genera fair, it was possible to familiarize oneself with various options for pv-panel mounting. Our classic ProLine systems were available as kits, and interested parties were able to understand how they are installed in real life. In particular the flat roof Light-South and Light-East/West mounting structures was well received.

Our focus this year, is how we can provide PV-solutions for the future of our cities. The solar market is growing, and governments are pushing to increase its renewable energy share in the grid. In despite of huge interest in solar power in Spain and perfect sun conditions, there are still many residential and commercial roofs without solar power. Mounting Systems are eager to push the market forward with cost-effective and high-quality products that can make it easier for stakeholders to choose to install solar energy on these roofs. Nevertheless, roofs can only cover a finite area, and not all roofs are designed in a way that allows solar panels to be installed on them. Alternatives to roofs in urban areas are limited and often these places are highly valued. Therefore, solar systems that can serve multiple purposes on a certain m², will likely be the future of modern PV-Systems. That is why Mounting Systems have developed the E-Port ProLine, a series of solar carports, serving both residential parking (E-Port Home) and larger commercial parking lots (E-Port Wings). In this way we can help establish the E-mobility and solar carport market with affordable and durable products.

We are creating a path for a greener future ­

If we are looking at the developments of vehicles and how urban spaces are changing, it is quite certain that solar carports will be a standard service at most commercial parking lots. The biggest car manufacturers have been offering electrical vehicles for a while, and it’s not uncommon to see charging stations in cities or along highways. This greater demand of electricity will result in a push for larger commercial centers such as business districts, shopping malls, airports and others to provide electricity for its visitors. The most economical way to meet this demand is with solar panels. If these commercial center takes advantage of this opportunity, we can see a development of virtual micro grids; places such as the airport will be able to back up the power supply and regulate the national grid with its energy productions and the stored energy of the E-vehicles being charged at the solar carport park.

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