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Mounting Systems With
Solar Carport
at Intersolution

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Mounting Systems With Solar Carport at Intersolution


Mounting systems will launch its newest innovation, a Carport Product Line at the 9th edition of Intersolution, in Ghent Belgium. This is the biggest networking and trade fair for solar energy in Benelux taking place from the 15th and 16th of January 2020. Mounting Systems will exhibit together with its Benelux partner Rexel Belgium and will present a full-scale solar carport for homes.

A future with self-sufficient homes, electrical vehicles and solar carports:

As costs for solar panels, batteries and inverters have fallen drastically in price over the past decade, the opportunity for private households to capture the value of solar energy has increased. Self-sufficiency is a term that many homeowners appreciate, however, in the end the profitability is often the key factor for the transition from grid dependency. Not only has the price for buying a pv-systems reduced, the offers and alternatives provided to private households are increasing. Subsequent developments in solar technology have allowed electrical vehicles to become more than just a car for solar powered households. The cars battery extends the capacity to store energy for later use. The perfect example for residential self-consumption comprises of two core sets of elements; the energy generating part, such as pv-panels on the building’s roof and a solar carport, and the second element is the consuming and storing part, the electric vehicle and the home. Equipping a building with such an intelligent system, will result in an efficient and economical storage of the PV power generated. This means lower energy losses and independence for homeowners.

Our new solar carport

Mounting Systems strives to provide high quality and relevant products and thus invest a great deal in product optimizations and innovations. We are proud to present three Solar Carport Products: E-Port Wings, E-Port Line and E-Port Home.

E-Port Home fits a single car. It will be available in galvanized silver and black and could, on request, be delivered in other RAL colours.

E-Port Line can be adjusted to fit an entire fleet of vehicles parallelly depending on the space that is available. Typically, between each foundation element or in one segment, 3 cars fit.

E-Port Wings is the perfect product for bigger parking slots. Like Carport Line it is extendable and fits 6 cars in one segment.

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