The large scale projects Egypt was implemented with the

Sigma Tracker

Mounting Systems Germany has been supplying Egypt’s first solar tracker project in Benban with the Sigma Tracker of the second generation for the last six months.

In cooperation with ib vogt, the two Berlin originated companies installed a project scope of over 64 MWp respectively 828 Sigma Tracker systems.

The Sigma Tracker was developed for operations under extreme weather conditions and was selected for the Benban project for this very reason.

The technological advantages of the Sigma Tracker especially show in accordance to service life, the application of standard industry components and in the simplicity of the installation.

One of the key factors that influenced the investors is the long-time experience of Mounting Systems and its partners acting in the background.

The Zech Group doesn’t only guarantee financial stability, but also delivers extensive knowhow in the sectors of mobile mechanical systems where high demands are made on statics and dynamics.

Sigma Tracker sideview-1

Sigma Tracker sideview-2

Sigma Tracker top view-4

Sigma Tracker sideview-2

Sigma Tracker top view-1

Sigma Tracker top view-2

Sigma Tracker top view-3

Sigma Tracker top view-4

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