Our single-axis Tracker System

Sigma Tracker

Our Sigma Tracker is a single-axis tracker system with high adaptability to local soil and weather conditions. The Sigma Tracker withstands corrosion, dust, sand, high temperature fluctuations and extreme wind speeds. We have developed the control system to operate both large string inverters and container-mounted central inverters. The advantages at a glance:

  • distinct adaptability
  • extreme corrosion resistance
  • high connection compatibility

The Sigma Trackers are self-sufficient via an automatic control system or can be controlled manually. The adjustable position settings of the tracker system ensure efficient, maintenance-friendly and material-friendly setting angles of the panels. Like all Mounting Systems GmbH products, the Sigma Tracker is supplied pre-assembled to minimize installation costs.

+ Extremely efficient

The flexible configuration with up to three modules in portrait (3V) distinguishes the Sigma Tracker from many other systems. It is also possible to configure the modules in portrait and landscape (4H) format. This offers project developers a maximum of freedom of design, enables them to optimise project arrangements and comply with the standard warranty conditions of all PV module manufacturers without any restriction for the functionality of the overall system.

+ Extremely weather resistant

In the development process of the tracker system, the focus was on high static stability and minimum vibrations during operation. The smooth-running, low-friction Sigma Tracker can withstand considerable wind speeds of up to 260 km/h. The Sigma Tracker is ideally suited for deserts and difficult terrain.

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Technical data

Sigma Tracker

  • Application: ground mount, horizontal single-axis
  • Foundation: driven piles, concrete foundation, screw piles
  • Support profiles: steel profile (anti-corrosive coating)
  • Module types: All mono- and bifacial modules, framed or glass-glass-laminates
  • Module layout: 2V, 3V (vertical/portrait), or 4H, 5H, 6H (horizontal/landscape), flexible string based configuration
  • Bifaciality: Optimized for bifacial use in accordance with module manufacturer requirements (Opt. enhanced bifaciality without any obstacle on the entire backside of the module).
  • Operating temperature: from -25°C to +60°C
  • Wind protection: up to 90 km/h in operation; up to 260 km/h in stow position
  • Operating angle: +/-50° (opt. +/-55°)
  • Drive system: Standard asynchronous motor, self-locking scissor jack principle
  • Energy consumption: 90 kWh p.a. in standard operation
  • AC power: 400/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.55 kW per Tracker
  • Tracking software: Astronomical based on Siemens solar library including adaptable backtracking
  • Data interface: Sigma View 1.3, SCADA Exchange – Modbus/TCP or SQL
  • Warranty: fixed parts 10 years, moving parts 5 years
  • Certificates: CE, desert suitability

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Our Sigma Tracker installation system

The new single-axis Sigma Tracker from Mounting Systems offers space for up to three vertically mounted modules, considerably distinguishing from the competitors. Of course, the photovoltaic modules of the Sigma Tracker can also be mounted in landscape format. This flexibility in arrangement gives project developers the freedom to choose the optimum module arrangement for each project, while fully complying with the standard warranty conditions of all photovoltaic module manufacturers without any restriction for the functionality of the overall system. In addition to this flexibility, which is beneficial for the efficiency of the overall project, the design of the Sigma Tracker mounting system combines three further central advantages: Firstly, the decentralised control units allow individual control for each individual tracker and underline the maximum flexibility in planning, operation and maintenance.

Secondly, the Sigma Tracker is easy to install and maintain. The delivery of pre-installed components reduces on-site installation costs and guarantees quality of the system and long-term reliability. The assembly system is designed for a service life of more than 25 years with minimal maintenance. A free access between tracker rows even for truck-sized vehicles simplifies the installation, maintenance and cleaning process. The system has been tested in desert regions and already proven its efficiency in several large solar parks such as Benban in Egypt. The standard components and our experience from over 27 years of development and production at our site in Rangsdorf ensure a long service life and a guaranteed availability of spare parts. We give a 10-year guarantee on all fixed components of the rack system and a 5-year guarantee on the moving parts such as the control and drive components. Thirdly, we combine the Sigma Tracker with an all-round service management system. The QR code-based service workflow is available to our customers as part of tailor-made O & M procedures and asset management programs. The product management and upgrade program for drives and mechanical structure allows the use of cleaning robots.