For all trapezoidal sheet metal roofs


The Trapeze is the successor of the powerful Tau+ mounting system for photovoltaic systems. By using the new Trapeze System, you can install framed photovoltaic modules easily on almost all common trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. The robust holders are suitable for a wide variety of trapezoidal shapes and loads and allow a height compensation. Thanks to Trapeze, you can cover the entire roof or just part of the roof area with modules. By using this extremely flexible mounting system for photovoltaic systems, you can choose between upright and landscape mounting.

Fast assembly

The Trapeze was specially developed for quick and easy installation. The simple hook-in principle of the holders, together with the high standards of Mounting System, the maximum pre-assembly and plant-specific assembly, allow an installation in record time.

Significant cost savings

The Trapeze is a cost-effective assembly system. In static testing, we optimise the rail quantities and fastening points. The storable, flexibly usable components as well as short planning and assembly times additionally reduce the ancillary costs of the assembly system for photovoltaic systems.

Maximum service life

All components are made of aluminium and stainless steel. The high corrosion resistance guarantees a maximum service life and offers the possibility to fully recycle the assembly system.

Low planning effort

With our design software you can assemble the material for a standard plant in minutes. Including verifiable static verification and a clear parts list with all necessary components.

Technical data


  • Place of installation: Pitched roof/on roof
  • Roof covering: Trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Min. sheet thickness steel: 0.4 mm
  • Aluminium: 0.8 mm
  • Min. bead height: from 20 mm
  • Roof pitch: up to 20°.
  • Building height: up to 20 m
  • PV modules: Framed, unframed
  • Module orientation: upright, landscape
  • Size of the module field: free
  • Position of the module field: free
  • Possible height compensation: up to 5 mm
  • Standards: Eurocode 1 and Eurocode 9
  • Support profiles: Extruded aluminium
  • Mounting Side brackets: Aluminium
  • Small parts stainless steel (V2A)
  • Aluminium colour: mill finish
  • Warranty: 10 years


Here you will find the installation instructions and the data sheet with all the essential information on this page plus additional technical data.

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