For bricks, corrugated eternit and slate


The Pitched PV mounting system is suitable for tile, corrugated eternit and slate roof coverings. The system offers three different rail sizes with a symmetrical profile. This flexible mounting system is suitable for all common frameless and framed photovoltaic modules. It allows photovoltaic modules to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Thanks to the internal click technology, the pitched system is easy to install in both cases, saving installers time and money.

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For trapezoidal metal


On the one hand, our Trapeze with internal click technology allows the fastening at the cross points of the raised bead of the trapezoidal sheet. On the other hand, the Trapeze assembly system also allows the statically optimal lateral connection to the raised bead. When installing the photovoltaic system, installers benefit from our well-proven Clickstone Technology. Thanks to the self-explanatory construction, installers can quickly and safely install the roof system for trapezoidal sheets.

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For trapezoidal sheet with S or EW orientation


The Trapeze mounting system is available in a version for roofs with a south orientation and as well as for roofs with an east-west orientation. The abbreviation “S” stands for South, the abbreviation “EW” for East-West. The on-roof mounting system is attached sidewise to the raised beads of the trapezoidal sheet metal. This means that both the Trapeze-EW and our Trapeze-S ensure an extremely stable installation of the PV modules.

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Our pitched roof mounting systems for PV systems

Two systems for all pitched roofs. Our two bestselling pitched and trapeze systems cover all common module types, mounting formats, roof coverings and roof orientations. With the current south and east-west versions of our Trapeze system, you can maximise the energy yield per module or even use difficult roof orientations for photovoltaic modules. 25 years of experience went into both mounting systems. Like all our mounting systems for photovoltaic systems, the pitched system for tiled roofs such as the “Frankfurter Pfanne” and the Trapeze system for trapezoidal sheets are well-proven worldwide.

Quality made in Germany. We pay particular attention to the materials used in our fastening systems for photovoltaic systems during the production. We only use steel and aluminium. The clamps, roof hooks and connectors carry photovoltaic modules and last for decades. For this reason, we only use V2A steel and high-quality aluminium. This makes our pitched roof mounting systems light, at the same time extremely weather-resistant and enables heavy loads to be safely and permanently enclosed even in strong winds. We produce our mounting systems at our headquarters in Germany and give a 10-year guarantee on all rails. Of course, all components of our mounting systems are fully recyclable.

Assistance for smooth assembly. We supply our pitched roof mounting systems with comprehensive mounting instructions, even if you do not need them because of the simplicity of the systems. In our technical data sheets, you will also find all details on standardisation and related materials at a glance – or for printing.

The installer is the measure of all things. When developing our pitched roof mounting systems, we always focus on the on-site user. At our production site in Rangsdorf, we have set up our own roof world in which we assemble our products with installers on various pitched roofs. We are discussing them with them to obtain feedback from the user, which flows into the next product development. Our aim is to make the working life of every installer as simple as possible. Especially because we know that installing photovoltaic modules is a physically demanding job. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any suggestions for improvement or open questions. Our engineers and customer advisors are always ready to listen to you.