Maximum capacity and extremely robust

Sigma II

The Sigma II outdoor system combines the assembly advantages of our proven Sigma II aluminum system with the cost advantages of steel components. The zinc-magnesium coated steel mounting system is characterised by a simple functional design. The use of the practical Clickstone technology significantly reduces the assembly effort. The posts with hat profile create a higher loading capacity and stability while at the same time using less material. We guarantee smooth operation for at least 10 years.

+ Extremely robust

The Sigma II outdoor mounting system impresses with its extreme stability. Due to the used steel, the system can withstand all weather conditions. The special coating effectively protects the mounting system in the long term. It guarantees a significantly higher corrosion resistance than conventional hot-dip galvanised coatings and thus ensures a maximum service life.

+ Extremely adaptable

As a two-post frame system, the Sigma II is ideally suited for use on uneven terrain. Depending on the project requirements, both ramming and rotary base foundations as well as base plates for concrete for the connection are possible. By applying a rotatable connecting component between rafters and module carrier, traverse inclinations in east-west direction from plus 10° to minus 10° can be realised.

+ Ecologically well thought-out

The Sigma II system prevents the sealing of large floor areas using ramming or screw foundations. The comparatively high elevation also prevents soil degradation. The ramming post system is particularly easy to dismantle and completely recyclable. The zinc-magnesium coating used minimises the zinc washout rate, which could be washed into the soil by rainwater.

Technical data

Sigma II

  • Location: outdoor
  • PV modules: framed and frameless
  • Module arrangement: multi-row, up to approx. 40 m/ rack unit
  • Module orientation: upright, landscape
  • Angle of attack: any
  • Distance between lower edge of module and floor: any
  • Terrain slope: cross slope in east-west direction up to 10°.
  • Distance of the pile-driven posts: according to static calculation
  • Standards: Eurocode 1, Eurocode 3
  • Frame profiles: Steel (S 355 / S 350 GD)
  • Ramming post: post with hat profile
  • Small parts: steel, stainless steel, extruded aluminium
  • Grounding: low transfer resistances
  • Warranty: 10 years

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