SIGMA Alu / Steel


Our 1-post-system for large outdoor projects is available in an aluminium and a steel version. The SIGMA I Alu is characterised by a simple, functional design and reduced the use of tools. Especially for large plants, it results in high cost savings in terms of assembly time due to a smaller number of posts. The different frame variants for different module arrangements also guarantee a cost-effective choice of material optimised to the desired configuration.

Our SIGMA I Steel outdoor system is a robust single-post system for mounting PV modules on outdoor surfaces. Due to material optimisation and static safety, there are different variants for vertical and landscape installation. The SIGMA I steel can be fixed by pile-driven, screw or concrete foundations. It consists of zinc-magnesium coated steel components, hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium clamps.

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SIGMA II Alu / Steel

2 Posts-system

Our 2-posts-system for large outdoor projects is also available in an aluminium and a steel version. The SIGMA II Alu for large outdoor projects has a simple and functional design. Only a few tools are needed for installation. It reduces the installation times especially for large projects and thus the project costs. Several frame variants allow different module arrangements. 

Our SIGMA II Steel combines the advantages of aluminium with the advantages of steel. The assembly system is zinc-magnesium-coated to maintain high weather resistance. The mounting system for large photovoltaic systems has the same simple and functional design as the aluminium version.

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