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Our Light-S is designed for the installation of photovoltaic systems on south-facing roofs. You can use the very flexible mounting system without roof penetration for photovoltaic modules on flat roofs with an inclination of up to 5°. In order to guarantee a minimum additional roof load, we have extensively tested the system in a wind tunnel and optimised it for use in windy regions. We give a 10-year guarantee on the components.

+ Flexible use

The flexibility of the Light-S allows you to realise an angle between 10° and 15° with almost identical components. You must turn the front base only. The landscape installation of the photovoltaic modules ensures an even load distribution on the roof surface in strong winds.

+ Simple assembly

Simple and quick assembly is guaranteed by the few pre-assembled components and the proven Clickstone Technology of Mounting Systems . All components can be assembled with little effort – this reduces costs and resources on site. With the help of our online planning tool, the design and ballast plans can be quickly realised with any internet device.

+ Long service life

For our lightly ballasted assembly system, we only use components made of aluminium, stainless steel and fully galvanised steel. The high corrosion resistance guarantees a maximum lifespan of the mounting system. Of course, all materials are completely recyclable. Our flat roof systems benefit from the experience of more than 600 realised projects in the last five years.

Technical data


  • Location: Flat roof
  • Roof covering: all roof surfaces
  • Roof pitch: up to 5°.
  • Building height: depending on wind zone and terrain category
  • PV modules: framed and frameless
  • Module widths: 900-1050 mm
  • Module length: up to 1675 mm, longer on request
  • Module arrangement: in combination
  • Module orientation: landscape
  • Angle of attack: 10° or 15°.
  • Size of the module field: min. 10 m
  • Position of the module field: free
  • Standards: Eurocode 0, 1 and 9 (and national annex)
  • Frame profiles: Aluminium (EN AW 6063 T66)
  • Sheet metal parts: Galvanized steel (DX51D+Z275)
  • Small parts: Stainless steel (V2A)
  • Aluminium colour: mill finish
  • Warranty 10 years

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