Installation without roof penetration


Using the Light-EW mounting system for photovoltaic systems, you can install the PV modules in an east-west direction without roof penetration. The abbreviation EW stands for East-West and indicates the orientation of the roof. The system is available with inclination angles of 10° and 15° for a high energy yield or maximum total output. The flexible arrangement of the modules in landscape mounting ensures an even load distribution on the roof surface. In order to guarantee a minimum additional roof load, we have tested and optimised the mounting system in a wind tunnel. Due to the current Light-EW design, you can use the same components of the 10° and 15° variants by simply rotating the front basis and upper part of the centre support.

+ Clickstone internal click technology

By using the well-proven Clickstone Technology of Mounting Systems for module clamping, we can ensure a simple and fast installation.

+ Long lifespan

All components of the Light-EW mounting system are made of aluminium and V2A stainless steel. Both materials are ideal for outdoor use as they have a high corrosion resistance. This guarantees a maximum lifespan. In addition, both materials are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Technical data


  • Light-EW installation system
  • Text: Location: Flat roof
  • Roof covering: for all roof surfaces
  • Roof pitch: up to 5°.
  • Building height Depending on wind zone and terrain category
  • PV modules: framed and frameless
  • Module widths: 900 – 1050 mm
  • Module length: up to 1675 mm, or on request
  • Module arrangement: in combination
  • Module orientation: landscape
  • Angle of attack: 10° or 15°.
  • Size of the module field: min. 10 m2
  • Position of the module field: free
  • Standards: Eurocode 0, 1 and 9 (+ national annex)
  • Aluminium frame profiles (EN AW 6063 T66)
  • Small parts: Stainless steel (V2A)
  • Aluminium colour: mill finish
  • Warranty 10 years

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