For pitches from 10 - 45°


The Trifix mounting system for flat roof applications allows the connection to various flat roofs with a roof pitch of 10° to 45°. The extremely flexible mounting system is suitable for all common photovoltaic modules and uses the well-proven Clickstone internal click technology for a secure and quick fastening of the modules. In addition to the typical connection directly to the roof, the triangular main component of the Trifix mounting system can also be combined with the trapezoidal sheet metal mounting system for pitched roofs.

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For light ballasted flat roof application

Light-S & Light-EW

Without roof penetration and with low weighting, the modules can be installed either in a south or east-west direction. The system was tested in a wind tunnel to obtain a very minor additional roof load. Both the Light-S and the Light-EW can be tilted at either 10° or 15°.

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