Tracker installation systems for your large-scale projects

Sigma Tracker

Our tracking installation systems for photovoltaic systems increase the profitability of your solar project. The relatively young market for tracker systems is highly competitive. The durability and maintenance of the mobile systems plays an important role. In recent years, we have gained important experience in successful large-scale projects in the Egyptian desert. Our pre-assembled single-axle tracker system is extremely heat resistant. At the same time, our tracker carries an above average number of PV modules. Learn more about our extremely robust and flexible Sigma Tracker.

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Pitched roof installation systems

Pitched & Trapeze

Our high-quality PV mounting systems are suitable for all possible roof coverings and inclinations. The mounting systems for pitched roofs differ primarily in the used roof covering. In the case of tiled roofs, the use of pitched systems is recommended.

For direct connection to the trapezoidal sheet metal or similar metal roof skins, we recommend the trapezoidal mounting system. Here you can find our pitched-roof mounting systems for photovoltaic systems.

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Flat roof installation systems

Trifix & Light

Installation of PV modules on a flat roof is characterised by using an additional mounting system. You can use any type of photovoltaic system. To avoid roof penetration, it is possible to use a ballasting of the construction. In most cases, the light ballasted ProLine systems are used. Alternatively, you can connect the PV mounting system firmly to the roof. With an additional inclination of 10° or 15° you can increase the energy yield. This makes PV systems profitable even on roofs with an east-west orientation. Here you can find our flat-roof mounting systems.

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Our in-roof installation system


Our in-roof system is a particularly aesthetic mounting system for PV modules. The mounting system even saves material costs if the photovoltaic system replaces the roof covering during renovation or immediately after new construction. You can install the mounting system independently of the type of photovoltaic module. Installation is simple: the system is mounted directly on the roof battens. Find out more here about our elegant in-roof mounting system for photovoltaic systems.

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Ground installation systems for large-scale projects

Sigma I & Sigma II

Our Sigma series for outdoor mounting systems in large projects are versatile and adapt to every customer requirement. Sigma outdoor systems are available in aluminium or steel. They can be supplied with one or two posts. The PV modules can be installed in a vertical or landscape format. As a consequence, we can offer our customers individually cost-, material- and packaging-optimised products in every project. Here you can find the assembly instructions and technical data sheets for our Sigma I and II rack systems.

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