The Original Racking System…Reborn!

April 23, 2020

The spring is finally here with its warm April sun. Giving new life to trees, plants and people. One might say it is the true start of a ‘new year’. The perfect time to add a new product to the portfolio. This time we have upgraded a ground mount system perfect for small scale projects. A ground mount that allows anyone to install a solar system on their property without extensive planning and expensive machinery when utilising our foot plates.

The system for small farms and gardens; 2-post in steel

Finally, we have a ground mount system available to anyone. With the newest optimization of the 2-Post Steel Ground Mount, it can be affordable for more people to choose a ground mount system independent on the size of the project. We estimate that projects sizes will range from 10-50kW up to maybe 5MW projects. The reason why it is specifically attractive for smaller projects is because of the standardization of the product. This means a detailed drawing by an engineer and planning of the system can be avoided, saving project related costs and time for everyone.

A world class R&D with visionary goals

Marcus, one of the structural engineers at Mounting Systems, has worked with all kinds of solar installations, in particular ground mount systems for one of the biggest projects that mounting systems have delivered structures for, which are among the biggest solar farms in the world. During the past year, Marcus has taken on a new challenge within the organization and is now working, as an expert in the innovation team within Mounting Systems. He is one of the key people in our R&D department, if the numbers for a new product don’t add up and doesn’t fulfil the various norms and requirements, Marcus will never let a product further evolve until certain measures have been implemented.

We asked Marcus about one of the most interesting projects he ever worked on. He highlighted this project:

“I remember one project in Australia, Collinsville, the terrain was very uneven. That’s why the ramming posts rose out of the ground at different distances and we developed an “adjustable” diagonal. The rear diagonal could be fixed in different positions depending on the slope of the terrain.”

The competitive advantage

Having Marcus on the team with his 7 years of experience in the solar industry, gives Mounting Systems and the new products that we develop, a competitive advantage. In this product he has used his experience to design the optimum structure with the least material waste. This includes the choice of cross-section, foundation, profiles, supports and the steel variation in those components. The goal is to have a product that is highly versatile, while still using the same components.

Characteristics of the new 2-post ground mount system

Ground mount systems were the only solar racking technology that Mounting Systems offered in the earlier days, 27 years ago. Back then, the aluminium was highly attractive (and still is) for its ease of installation. Anyhow, the current ground mount system in aluminium that we offer, was never able to make the cut for larger projects due to the high price. Now, the new 2-Post in steel, is 40€/kW cheaper! Additionally, the mounting options are better. We can offer 2 modules in portrait or 4 modules in landscape in 20° or 25° table angles. Together with a simple excel tool, customers are assisted to quickly plan projects without having to do much research on the ground or asking for calculations from an engineering department.

We hope anyone with extra space, in form of a garden or old unused area, is now intrigued to get a solar system that could potentially cover the whole energy demand of a small farm or big household. There is not a better time to install a pv-system than spring. Long days with sunlight and a brisk wind makes the efficiency of PV-Modules high.

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