WELCOME/ We look forward to welcome you to Intersolar Europe in Munich from 15th to 17th of May in Hall A3, Stand 340. We would like to take a look at the next 25 years with you: The photovoltaics market is on the move. How is the European solar market developing? Which countries will be the hotspots of the coming years and which software-supported technologies will inspire both module and assembly system manufacturers in the future? Find a brief overview of what we believe to be the most important topics at Intersolar Europe 2019.


Sigma II ST

We expect an increase in the number of large solar projects in the future. We have therefore optimized the Sigma ground mounted system to better parry the requirements of demanding large-scale projects. The Sigma II <sup>ST</sup> version is more than bifacial ready due to the increase of the possible inclination angles, the opening for all string lengths and with a load capacity of up to 8 modules in transverse arrangement. Learn more about the new Sigma2Steel system at Intersolar 2019 in Munich.


Sigma Tracker

We have gained valuable experience over the past 12 months. Our Sigma Tracker technology has been proven in the world’s largest solar park in Benban. This experience was incorporated into the in the further development of our Sigma Tracker system. In connection with the detailed optimization in production, the new smaller control box and the control optimization, we created an even smoother design with lower overall costs. We are happy to pass this price advantage on to our customers.

The Intersolar's Topics

Here you will find the complete overview of topics for this year's leading European trade fair for PV module and mounting system manufacturers.

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How can installers and project planners get a deeper understanding of new products and its functions at the flick of a finger? How will we present our products in the future? And how will this change sales? We will provide an outlook towards the new understanding of the coming year’s user experience. With our new digital showroom.


AI TALK: 15 MAY, 3 PM @ A3.340

What makes artificial intelligence intelligent? Which existing industrial applications could be a blueprint for smart solar solutions? We are using our 25th anniversary to take a look into the future: Be invited to our AI-Talk at our stand A3-340 (hall A3, Stand 340). Physicist Nicolas Hoyer, Managing Director and Co-Founder of PERCEPTX, will explain the difference the different types of deep learning and provides a brief outlook of future applications.

The Intersolar Europe 2019

This is just a small preview of our topics and concerns at Intersolar Europe 2019 in Munich. And only a brief outlook for the coming years. While the past 25 years have been challenging, the next 25 will be even more so. The photovoltaic industry has recently been characterised by continuous consolidation processes. Some small companions have disappeared from the photovoltaic market in the current decade. New ones will be added. And they have it all! Software drives step by step the industrial evolution. We will call this an Industrial Revolution in a few years’ time. While the telephone was initially used to connect people remotely, today the mobile phone has become a smartphone. While remote maintenance of large solar parks was initially there to connect parks and people in the distance, this connection also becomes intelligent. Machines will predict failures and defects in advance. This is it, the new spirit of the old ICT Economy. Let us look to the future at Intersolar Europe and talk about what lies ahead – and how it is shaping the future of photovoltaics. We look forward to meet you.