Little sun – The sun in the hand

December 13, 2018

Solar power: Create a better future

Right before Christmas we would like to briefly let rest the daily
business and pause for a moment. Doing this creates room for important questions. What are the effects of the solar systems installed on our rack systems in recent years? What social and economic impacts do our work have? In the first place there are tons of carbon dioxide saved by the consistent growth of renewables and their increasing share in the energy mix. A saving that many companies and politicians still thought impossible a few decades ago. The latest climate conference in Katowice demonstrate how important and indispensable the expansion of photovoltaics is. With each new installed rack system and every project implementation, we are working on an expansion with material-saving and durable photovoltaic rack systems.

Access to electricity is not self-evident – but pioneering work

Many places in the world are less concerned with a sustainable energy mix. At least one billion people are not connected to the grid at all. The night is dark and remains dark. Things we take for granted are left behind. Important work can be done only in daylight, adequate medical care is not guaranteed, and school children cannot read or learn after sunset. Safe and reliable access to electricity and, consequently, to light sources, are a pathfinder to economic recovery and prosperity in the long run. Innovative large-scale projects such as the tracker photovoltaic project in Amman in Jordan and in Benban in Egypt have a major social impact on the regions. The photovoltaic projects promote the local economy, bring renewable energy to desert areas and enable the economy to become less dependent on energy imports. At best they are replacing inefficient coal-fired power plants. With our work we support a future in which all people have access to sustainable energy sources. Pioneering work is needed for this change.

Little sun – The sun in the hand

Just before Christmas we would like to highlight two very special solar pioneers who impressed us this year: Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen. Together they have started a wonderful project, namely the Little Sun. They are also aiming for a global change by using solar energy. At the beginning – as often – was just an idea. Little Sun is a high-quality, portable solar lamp that makes an important contribution to provide millions of people with easy access to light. Little Sun delivers up to 50 hours of light at an affordable price. A rather simple idea makes this cheap price possible: The price for the yellow lamp – in the shape of a sun with the dark solar cell on the back – is higher in the electrified industrial world than in the regions away from reliable power grids. The proceeds are given via the lower acquisition price directly to the weaker, less favoured regions of the world. This small cross-subsidy with a great impact was the incentive for us to support Little Sun to provide more light, warmth and energy – beyond our solar engagement in this world. If you would like to know more about the pioneers behind the Little Sun, we recommend the visit the homepage of Little Sun. Or you give away the Little Sun to friends, parents, their children. They do not bring light only but are also a good opportunity to think about our use of renewable energies. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.

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