Our in-roof system allows the integration of frameless photovoltaic modules into new and old roofs, regardless of the type of roof covering. The system is installed on existing roof battens and replaces the regular roof cladding. Through levelling the modules with the roof covering, the in-roof solution is the most appealing method of installing PV modules, which goes especially for buildings under monumental protection.

Your advantages:

  • Higher funding
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Attractive and sophisticated



Our Infix ProLine is an aesthetically sophisticated solution. This system is also module-independent and an easy installation can be guaranteed. By means of this system, the roof covering is replaced by the photovoltaic system and will be installed directly on the rafter. It is therefore an ideal solution for new constructions and roof restorations.

In Roof
Orientation landscape
Orientation portrait
Unframed module
Framed module
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