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We develop and produce our mounting systems for photovoltaic systems together with satisfied customers and in user circles. We offer you experienced logistics together with global delivery and competent advices at reasonable prices. Each of our innovative, easy-to-install and, above all, customer-oriented assembly systems contain the very highest quality Made in Germany.

As a complete supplier, we offer you the right mounting system for every conceivable mounting situation, from on-roof mounting systems for photovoltaic systems to industrial flat-roof mounting systems and aesthetic in-roof applications. Thanks to our comprehensive range of products, you get on-roof, flat-roof, in-roof and ground-mounted systems from a single source. Here you will find an overview of our mounting systems.

Pitched roof

Our pitched roof mounting systems for PV systems are extremely flexible. They are suitable for all roof coverings and roof pitches. For tiled roofs we recommend our bestseller "Pitched". Our "Trapeze" mounting system is perfect for direct attachment to trapezoidal sheet metal or comparable roof skins. Click here for our pitched roof installation systems for PV systems:

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Flat Roof

Flat roof solutions are characterised by an additional module arrangement. Whether firmly screwed to the roof or as a ballasted mounting system: an additional inclination of ten or fifteen degrees guarantees more energy converted by the PV module. Even roofs with an east-west orientation are suitable thanks to our "Light East-West". Click here for our flat roof mounting systems "Trifix" and "Light":

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In roof

The INFIX in roof fastening system replaces part of the roof and even saves part of the roofing materials in new buildings. The mounting system for all common photovoltaic systems is extremely harmonious due to the low installation height on the roof. Here you will find everything about the "Infix" mounting system for PV systems

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Ground mount Kits

Thanks to our SIGMA KITS you can convert solar energy when there is no room for solar modules on your roof. The Ground Mount Kits are as flexible as a Lego construction set and make it possible to mount systems of all sizes easily and uncomplicatedly. Learn more about our ground mount kits for PV systems

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