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We develop and produce our mounting systems for photovoltaic systems together with satisfied customers and in user circles. We offer you experienced logistics together with global delivery and competent advice at reasonable prices. Each of our innovative, easy-to-install and, above all, customer-oriented assembly systems contain the very highest quality Made in Germany.

As a complete supplier, we offer you the right mounting system for every conceivable mounting situation, from on-roof mounting systems for photovoltaic systems to industrial flat-roof mounting systems and aesthetic in-roof applications. Thanks to our comprehensive range of products, you get on-roof, flat-roof, in-roof and ground-mounted systems from a single source. Here you will find an overview of our mounting systems.


Our pitched-roof mounting systems for PV systems are extremely flexible. They are suitable for all roof coverings and roof pitches. For tiled roofs we recommend our bestseller "Pitched". Our "Trapeze" mounting system is perfect for direct attachment to trapezoidal sheet metal or comparable roof skins. Click here for our pitched roof installation systems for PV systems:

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Flat-roof solutions are characterised by an additional module arrangement. Whether firmly screwed to the roof or as a ballasted mounting system: an additional inclination of ten or fifteen degrees guarantees more energy converted by the PV module. Even roofs with an east-west orientation are suitable thanks to our "Light East-West". Click here for our flat-roof mounting systems Trifix and Light:

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The Infix in-roof fastening system replaces part of the roof and even saves part of the roofing materials in new buildings. The mounting system for all common photovoltaic systems is extremely harmonious due to the low installation height on the roof. Here you will find everything about the "Infix" mounting system for PV systems:

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We will be pleased to provide you with references and data sheets for your products. Please contact our customer advisors.

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Digital Showroom

Discover our Pitched Proline and Light-S mounting systems thanks to interactive 3D applications and exploded views.

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Our values

COMMITMENT. We change the world.

The energy needs of the world’s population are constantly increasing. We are pleased about the increasing global environmental awareness and the resulting growing use of renewable energies. Photovoltaic systems protect the climate because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a manufacturer of durable mounting systems for photovoltaic systems, we contribute to the energy revolution in Europe and worldwide. Mounting Systems. For any solar project.

AUTHENTICITY. Quality prevails.

Wholesalers and installers are looking for safe mounting systems from reliable manufacturers. This is the starting point for the first stroke of the pen in product development. The engineers in our research and development department at our headquarter in Berlin/Rangsdorf, together with regional universities and users, search for the best solution for all project participants in training courses, trainings and user circles. The longer a rooftop or outdoor system functions smoothly, the more advantageous it is for us and our customers. We are not the cheapest; we deliver quality.

MINDFULNESS. We reflect our entrepreneurial actions.

We see our profit-oriented management as a cross-sectional task, which must bring the company goals in line with the needs of our employees and the wishes of our customers. We are aware that our company is embedded in a corporate environment, which in turn makes legitimate demands on production, recycling and labour rights. For our own sake, we are attentive to the fact that we always maintain this high standard of a responsible company.

BINDING. Our customers are the most valuable thing we have.

We deal carefully with the trust placed in us and analyse exactly in order to be able to parry future customer wishes even better. We have confidence in our work through the expertise and process knowledge we have gained from over 27 years of experience, strong teams, successful operations in over 35 countries worldwide and, ultimately, our comprehensive certifications. This commitment goes far beyond the purchase of our products. With our 10-year guarantees, we stand by our customers.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT. We solve the problems of the future today.

On the one hand, we have shown in the challenging market conditions of the past three decades that we can always reinvent ourselves. We have developed from an internal service company into a globally active company that offers mounting systems as a complete product range provider for all conceivable mounting situations under the award-winning Mounting Systems brand. On the other hand, we are changing sales processes by digitizing procurement. We want to help shape the market for photovoltaic systems. This is only possible through consistent innovation.