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For over 24 years, Mounting Systems GmbH is a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of racking systems for PV modules. Being focused only on the business with solar components, allows us to invest all our knowledge and expertise on the implementation of customised and installation-friendly solutions. Visible in foreground or in the background – in one way or another, we always stand by the side of our loyal trade partners.

As a full service provider we take pride in the versatility of our product portfolio and we enjoy supplying you with every racking system, from the classic on-roof through the industrial flat-roof, the independent ground-mounted system all the way to the aesthetic in-roof application.


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On Roof

The high quality on-roof system can be implemented on all imaginable roof claddings and inclinations without loss in function or aesthetic. The racking systems used, differ particularly in the applied roof cladding: Tiled roofs require the use of a PV on-roof rack, whereas the first choice would be a trapezoidal sheet system, when it comes to direct connection to a trapezoidal sheet or other metal roof claddings.

Pitched BaseLine
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Trapeze BaseLine
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Trapeze-EW ProLine
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Pitched ProLine
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Trapeze ProLine
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Trapeze-S ProLine
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Flat Roof

The installation on a flat-roof stands out due to the additional installation of the modules and its several foot options for ballasted solutions, to avoid roof penetration. This setup allows the installation of virtually any type of PV system. Here the first choice is mostly the low-ballasted ProLine system. With an additional inclination of 10° or 15° the modules are either installed facing the sun or in a space-saving east-west orientation.

Trifix BaseLine
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Light-EW ProLine
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Trifix ProLine
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Light-S ProLine
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In Roof

Our in-roof system is the most aesthetic solution regarding the installations of PV systems.
When the photovoltaic-system replaces the roof cladding, costs and material can be saved, in the process of reconstruction as well as regarding new constructions. The system can be used independently and stands out due to an easy installation onto the existing roof battens.

Infix ProLine
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Ground Mount

When there is a lack of space, a ground mount system is the best choice.
Using the system on a kit principle, even small-sized installations can be implemented effortlessly. You can select between a 1- or a 2-pole solution and different connections and inclinations.

1-Post ProLine
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2-Post ProLine
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