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Werk 4 – Fertigstellung Q1 2023

More space - more possibilities

Due to the steadily increasing demand for our substructures, we will adapt our production and logistics processes as quickly as possible and thus more than double our capacities.

With a total area of 25,677m², another production facility will be built close to our main office. Another 1,905m² will soon be available to us as additional office space.

We are looking forward to generating more jobs through the expansion of our existing location in Rangsdorf and to soon be able to deliver more goods to our customers and partners in a shorter time.


Live -Webcam 28.02.2023
Standorte in Brandenburg
Richtfest 24.01.

Topping-out ceremony at Germany's largest Panattoni Park

With the topping-out ceremony, the last construction phase of the largest Panattoni Park built so far in Germany has now been completed. In total, the property comprises five halls with a total floor space of 130,000m2 on a site area of 28ha, divided into 13 units with a respective hall height of 12m UKB. The new space will be occupied by the German manufacturer of photovoltaic mounting systems Mounting Systems GmbH and DHL Supply Chain, the division of Deutsche Post DHL Group specializing in contract logistics. Panattoni Park Berlin South is thus fully leased.

Panattoni press release

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„Connecting Solar Business“ – Intersolar München 2022

„Connecting Solar Business“
Intersolar München 2022

News Residential & Commercial

And it's already over again...


The world's leading trade fair for the solar industry ended successfully last Friday and we are very happy to have finally been back after the long Corona break. The highlight of this year's show was not only our brand new flat roof system FD3 which attracted numerous visitors to our booth, but also the premiere of our stylish solar carport solution E-Port Premium.

The culinary side was also not neglected for our guests. In addition to all kinds of delicacies from our Munich caterer Käfer, our stylish bar with a wide range of drinks and our soft ice cream machine also became a visitor magnet.

Many interesting discussions and new business contacts resulted and we are proud of how well our solutions were received by the visitors and convinced many. We would like to thank all participants on site and from afar for their cooperation and day-to-day support and are already looking forward to our next joint appearance at Intersolar 2023.

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Mounting Systems – More than a system. It’s a brand.

Mounting Systems as the main sponsor of the Rocky Boxing Night Gala in Stężyca (Poland)

„Connecting Solar Business“
Intersolar München 2022

News Residential & Commercial

And it's already over again...


Last month we were on site as the main sponsor of the Rocky Boxing Night Gala in Stężyca (Poland) to present our new flat roof system FD3 Premium Line live. It was a successful event where we were able to make many new business contacts and expand our market in Poland.

Our new flat roof system FD3 Premium Line was positioned conspicuously in the entrance area, so that on this evening not only the impressive fights caused a sensation, but also our flat roof system was an absolute eye-catcher.

Around our podium there was a lively exchange with many interested parties. This evening was a complete success in every respect and we are looking forward to many more events where we can support our business partners and further develop our markets at the same time.

For more intensive insights... - Rocky Boxing Night Gala auf YouTube

FD3 Premium Line - The New Flat roof system of the next generation

  • Integrated cable management
  • One support for all orientation options - east/west + south
  • Compact support for logistics
  • No sharp edges due to die casting process
  • Simplest installation due to innovative click connections
  • Industry leading and wind tunnel tested aerodynamics
  • For buildings up to 30 m high as standard

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!

Mounting Systems – More than a system. It’s a brand.

The US-American solar market at a glance

„Connecting Solar Business“
Intersolar München 2022

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And it's already over again...


Despite all the news about fracking and coal production, the share of renewable energies in the USA is growing steadily. As a manufacturer of PV mounting systems, we are naturally pleased about this. Currently, two million solar systems are installed in the USA. Almost half of the PV systems are located in sunny California alone. But other states are also making strong gains. Due to the closure of coal-fired power plants - as many as 18 plants were taken offline in 2018 - and the expansion of renewables, the transformation of the power sector in the U.S. continues to move forward. Renewables, including hydropower, now provide nearly 18 percent of U.S. electricity. Hydropower provides the majority of green energy, accounting for about half of the total. But photovoltaics are also driving this growth, adding nearly 12 GW of new capacity. Crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar module prices declined to about 27 U.S. cents per watt in 2018, a dramatic drop from $79 per watt (2018 U.S. dollars) in 1976.

In addition to favorable module prices, strategies to promote sustainable energy growth by setting new, ambitious clean energy targets and regulations are also on the agenda for the coming years. These are good prospects for the solar industry. The Solar Energy Industries Association projects that total installed PV capacity in the U.S. will more than double in the next 5 years. Their projections show that over 14 GW of PV capacity will be installed annually by 2023.

The American PV market

After an annual low in 2017, the solar industry recovered in recent months. After all, around 32,000 new PV systems were installed on roofs in 2018. However, uncertainties regarding solar and metal tariffs continue to weigh on purchasing decisions. One reason that in the past, the U.S. market for residential and commercial solar has shrunk. In the meantime, however, there are signs that the market is picking up again in some states, especially in California, which continues to lead the way. A landmark decision by the California Energy Commission in early 2018 is also playing an important role. Starting in 2020, all new homes will be required to have a PV system installed. This decision also has a significant impact on long-term forecasts. This, of course, has a significant impact on the residential market for PV mounting systems. In addition, demand continues to increase due to developments in the combination of photovoltaics and storage (PV + S). Here, California and Hawaii are clearly ahead in the area of "projects on order". Tesla's solar division experienced a decline. The company had to relinquish its leading role in the solar market to competitor Sunrun in 2018. Prior to that, Tesla at times accounted for one-third of all new photovoltaic installations on homes in the United States. But that could quickly change again. This year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced plans to ramp up production of the solar roof, which was unveiled back in 2016, and to reach a production of 1,000 solar roofs per week by the end of the year.

Prospects for the next few years

The solar industry in the U.S. remained robust in 2018 - despite uncertainty over new tax and tariff policies. While the focus for the current U.S. administration is not exactly on expanding renewable energy, many others are filling that void. States, cities, communities, and companies continue to respond with increasingly ambitious sustainability goals that are driving solar market growth.

Mounting Systems – More than a system. It’s a brand.

The Spanish solar energy market: review of Genera in Madrid, February 5-7, 2020.

„Connecting Solar Business“
Intersolar München 2022

News Residential & Commercial

And it's already over again...


One of the first events of the year in the field of renewable energy in Europe is Genera in Madrid, which took place from 5 to 7 February. It brought together installers, experts, students, manufacturers, EPC and distributors under one roof. The event was hosted by the company IFEMA.

Debuting at Genera 2020 as an exhibitor: Over the past year, Mounting Systems has experienced significant interest in its solar mounting products worldwide, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market. Through a strategic recruitment strategy, we have been able to capitalize on this interest through a Spanish sales and technical team. As a result, we are celebrating a new and promising partnership with NED Ibérica, a renewable energy distributor based in Spain and France. To communicate this growth and success to the market, it was appropriate to present our products and brand in a space of 50 m² at Genera 2020.

Supply the Spanish market with new products

With our new partner Ned Ibérica, we presented a joint portfolio in the field of solar energy to potential customers. At the Mounting Systems booth, interested parties were able to familiarize themselves with various options for mounting PV modules. For this purpose, our classic ProLine exhibits were presented in a practical manner. Especially the flat roof system Light-S and Light-EW attracted a lot of attention.

Our focus this year is on PV solutions for future urban developments. The solar market is growing and policy makers are pushing to increase the share of renewable energy in the grid. Despite the great interest in solar energy in Spain and despite the perfect solar conditions, there are few residential and commercial rooftops with solar installations. Mounting Systems is accordingly motivated to boost the market with low-cost, high-quality PV rooftop systems to help potential customers make the decision to install photovoltaic systems. Mounting Systems also has new, innovative PV system solutions ready for the future solar market for roofs with limited or unsuitable m2 area. For example, one innovation is Mounting Systems' solar carports, such as the E-Port Home, E-Port Line, E-Port Wings, which are suitable for both private parking lots and larger commercial parking lots. In this way, we can help establish the market for e-mobility and solar carports with affordable and durable products.

We are creating a path for a greener future

If we look at the developments in vehicles and the changes in urban spaces, it is pretty certain that solar carports will be a standard offering in most commercial parking lots. All major car manufacturers have been offering electric vehicles for some time now. which can be refueled in cities and along highways, at charging stations. The resulting increased demand for electricity will lead to larger commercial centers, such as business districts, shopping centers, airports to provide electricity for customer e-mobility. The most economical way to meet this demand is through solar panels. If city centers and airports take advantage of this opportunity, the power supply can be secured nationally. This is because e-vehicles can be charged in solar parking lots, helping to sustainably meet energy needs. Join us on this journey!

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Mounting Systems – More than a system. It’s a brand.

The new solar carport E-Port at Genera in Madrid

„Connecting Solar Business“
Intersolar München 2022

News Residential & Commercial

And it's already over again...


Mounting Systems GmbH will exhibit at the Genera trade fair in Madrid from February 5 to 7, presenting the latest innovations in PV systems for substructures in the solar industry.

The exhibits we have on display, such as the solar carports, the ground-mounted and flat roof systems, and the trapezoidal sheet metal rails, invite you to learn more about our products at our booth 10C28. All of our systems are manufactured in Germany with a focus on high quality and a simple design. For more than 25 years we have been working on new and innovative PV systems to meet the demands of installers, project planners and wholesalers. At Genera 2020 we will present our new carport E-Port and our outdoor steel system 2-PostST.

Visit our booth 10C28 and take the opportunity to try the free online solar planner EasyTool, which can calculate the perfect solar system for your home within minutes.

We look forward to seeing you at booth 10C28!

You are welcome to make an appointment with us at the Genera trade show:

+49 2232 2050 177

Mounting Systems – More than a system. It’s a brand.

Mounting Systems With Solar Carport at Intersolution

„Connecting Solar Business“
Intersolar München 2022

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And it's already over again...


Mounting Systems will present its latest innovation, a carport product line, at the 9th Intersolution in Ghent, Belgium. This is the largest networking and trade show for solar energy in Benelux, and will take place on January 15 and 16, 2020. Mounting Systems will exhibit together with its Benelux partner Rexel Belgium and present a large solar carport for the home.

A future with self-sufficient houses, electric vehicles and solar carports

As the cost of solar panels, batteries and inverters has dropped dramatically over the past decade, the use of residential solar energy has increased. Self-sufficiency is a concept that many homeowners value. Ultimately, however, cost is often the key factor in this decision. Not only has the price of purchasing a PV system decreased, but residential offerings and alternatives are increasing. With the advancement of battery technology, electric vehicles are now more than just a car. The car battery expands the capacity to store energy for later use. The perfect example of residential self-consumption can be divided into two core elements. Firstly, the energy generating part such as PV modules on the roof as well as solar carport. On the other hand, the consuming and storing part such as electric vehicles and storage in the house. Equipping a building with such an intelligent system leads to efficient and economical storage of the generated solar power. This means lower energy losses and independence for the homeowners.

Our new solar carport

Mounting Systems strives to offer high quality and relevant products and therefore invests a lot in product optimization and innovation. We are therefore proud to present three solar carport products: E-Port Wings, E-Port Line and E-Port Home.

The E-Port Home offers space for one car. It will be available in galvanized silver and black, but could also be supplied in other RAL colors on request. The E-Port Line can be extended in parallel for a whole fleet of vehicles, depending on the space available. As a rule, 3 vehicles fit between each foundation element or segment. The E-Port Wings is the perfect product for larger parking lots. Like the Carport Line, it is expandable and 6 cars fit in one segment.

For more information on Intersolution 2020, please visit:

You are welcome to make an appointment with us at Intersolution:
+49 2232 2050 -177

Mounting Systems – More than a system. It’s a brand.

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