10 questions to a Mounting Systems employee

March 12, 2020

Interview with Marcus Horsley

Can you tell me about your role at mounting systems?

I am the team leader of the International technical support department and we look after all projects apart from those taking place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We make sure that customer requests are being dealt with quickly and accurately. These requests can be anything from a rough paper sketch to a detailed CAD plan. We include the sketch into our software, which then calculates a full bill of material and a static calculation for the customer’s structural engineer to check over.

Why is it so important?

Well to make sure the solar panels do not fly away from the roof.

Can you tell us about your daily business?

I manage the workload for the team. Workload being technical requests, designs and customer trainings for all our international customers. We travel all around the world, wherever we need to go to present products in trainings or at solar power exhibitions.

Can you tell us about a typical training?

Majority of trainings are in-depth product specific trainings requested by our customers. To start off we go through a general company presentation, briefly introducing the company, the services we provide and where our manufacturing is based. Then we go more in-depth into the products and systems themselves. We also give a quick training in our design tool, which is a big part of the daily business of technical support team members. Marketing is also an essential part in the meetings to make sure all our documentation is nicely presented. The participants are often the technical support or engineer serving that customer and quite possibly the responsible salesperson.

Tell us about one training that was specifically successful to you personally.

I’d like to highlight a training in Belgium with our partner Rexel Belgium which was challenging but rewarding. Rexel Belgium have many branches all around Belgium, where different languages are spoken, French, Flemish (Dutch) and German. Earlier this year we did a joint training session in the central headquarters, which went really well due to the fact that our sales support, Caroline Moliterni, translated the presentation I held in English to French and German. Doing the training in different languages was quite an achievement, and we received very good feedback from the participants. More than 20 people attended, and they were all working in the PV sales department of Rexel Belgium.

Which product did you present in this training?

We focused on the InFix system. It replaces the roof covering itself, let’s say tiles, which allows the solar panels to be mounted flush with the roof. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and is mainly for residential properties. We also presented our new ramp system, which basically is a TriFix triangle that can mount up to 3 pv-modules in portrait and 4 pv-modules in landscape. The ramp system is quite universal because it can be mounted on the roof or the ground. In hotter areas of the world, such as North Africa or the Middle East they are especially popular.

How is it to work for Mounting Systems?

It’s a very good company to work for. Previously I worked for a competitor of Mounting Systems and the difference to that company is that we manufacture all products in-house. This means we are in full control of the system and the product from the raw material all the way to the product being delivered to the customer. Being a large manufacturer, we also make parts for many other brands all over the world, giving us a unique approach into many markets. With our in-house product development team, we also design new pv-mounting systems and modify existing pv-mounting systems, so they are better suited for a country or for customer specific requirements. That is really important to me as technical support, because being able to find solution to technical challenges with support from the engineering department enables me to create a much better experience for our customers. Another strength of Mounting System is that it’s well established with a strong investor on its team. This gives me a piece of mind, we are not going to go bust in a few years’ time.

Have you ever forwarded a requirement from a customer and seen it being developed?

Yes, currently we are working on a new low ballast flat roof system, which will minimize components and minimize installation time. We are specifically concentrating on integrating a cable management system to make the installation better for installers.


Any final thoughts?

If you should have any technical questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to advice potential and existing customers regarding questions of any solar panel systems that we offer.


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