Solar racking systems

Our racking systems for on-roof, in-roof, flat-roof and ground-mount are state of the art  for simplicity, flexibility, reliability and ease of configuration and installation for more than 20 years. Our racking systems provide the optimal solution for residential, commercial and utility scale solar installations.

As a developer and manufacturer of racking systems, we create a solid base for your success. Our engineering, supply chain and quality management teams work together to insure you receive high quality, well-engineered and reliable products that are designed for your success.

On-roof racking systems

Our on-roof racking systems Alpha+, and Tau+ have been developed and designed as universal systems  for all kinds of flush mount installation of solar and solar thermal systems on pitched roofs.  Intelligent design, extensive pre-assembly, minimize tool requirements, simplify construction and reduce installation time.

Both systems can be designed and structurally approved for your specific project with he help of our configuration software Quickconfigurator.

In-roof racking systems

When aesthetics counts. Our roof-integrated racking systems Kappa and Theta+ are designed for a seamless transition from PV system into the existing roof.
Our in-roof racking systems designed specifically for pitched roofs, use proven roofing materials that ensure a watertight installation regardless of the previous roofing material. All this, combined with the flexible Quickstone- and Clickstone technology, offers reliability and ease of assembly.

Our in-roof systems can be designed and structurally approved for your specific project with he help of our configuration software Quickconfigurator.

Flat-roof racking systems

The Lambda product series for flat roof installation. While the Lambda is designed for a wide  range of flat roof constructions and module configurations, the Lambda Light EW+ and Lambda Light S+ were specifically designed for the use on flat roofs and industrial buildings with low load tolerances.

Our well experienced technical support will design the Lambda system specific to the conditions of your site & building and consistent with local standards and codes.

Ground-mount racking systems

These days, every penny counts. With an ever-increasing focus on reducing the installed cost per watt, choosing a mounting system that lowers the bid price you offer a customer is critical. Our ground mount racking systems Sigma I, Sigma I XS, Sigma I XL, Sigma I XL Steel  and Sigma II come with custom pre-assembled parts and require fewer assembly tools so you can minimize onsite field labor and lower your overall cost.

Each project is unique, which is why you receive a comprehensive structural analysis of your mounting system design, specific to the conditions of your site and consistent with local building codes.

Intersolar 2017 - Munich, Germany

Mouting Systems GmbH - Solarpower UK

Mounting Systems is exhibiting at the Intersolar trade fair in Munic, Germany, from 22.06. – 24.06.2016…

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Matthias Altieri - New CSO at Mounting Systems GmbH

Matthias Altieri, Founder and Managing Partner of Minerva Capital Partners S.à.r.l., will become the new CSO of the German PV racking systems manufacturer and PV service provider Mounting Systems GmbH.

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